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BLIND DATE (Part 19)

Part 19

Swara sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Sammy.Maybe she’d misunderstood the arrangement.Were they suppose to meet here & walk to the brunch together,or was she suppose to meet him at his brother’s appartment?

She tried calling him but his phone rang several times,before going to voice mail.She sent him text & then went into the hotel restaurant to get something to eat.The menu items looked delicious,but she didn’t have much of an appetite.

While a string quartet played soft music in the background,she sat in the levishly decorated dinning room,worried that she’d misread Sammy??.They’d been getting along so well.Surely it hadn’t all been pretense on his part.

She’d hoped they could stay in touch,that their romance wouldn’t been reduced to a two-night tryst that didn’t have future.
True,he lived in London & she in Kolkata but they could continue to see each other if they wanted to make it work.

She’d wait a little while longer.Maybe she’d simply misunderstood,or something had come up.He’d respond to one of her messages eventually.


Sammy thought he’d never get away from Kavita.He left her at the elevator & hurried out of the appartment building.

While Kavi had discussed menu options with the waitress at the restaurant,he’d managed to send a quick text to Swara & tell her he’d seen her soon.

Now on his way he didn’t know what he’d say.The summer sun beat down on him,& he wasn’t sure if that’s what caused a sweat to break out on his forehead,or the predicament he’d gotten himseld into.

He couldn’t spend the night with Swara with Kavi in town.He couldn’t spend the night with Kavi when he’d asked Swara to postpone her trip home so they could have more time together.He had to choose,& the person he didn’t choose would be hurt.
But which one?

He knew which one the only real option meant telling Swara the truth & hoping that she’d forgive him.Then he’d have to face Kavi & the fall out from her disappointment that their relationship was over.He didn’t want to hurt her,but he couldn’t think of any way to spare her feelings.

Outside the building,he called Swara.
¤♡☆¤♡☆On phone¤♡☆¤♡☆

Swara-Sammy,what’s going on?Did I get our plans mixed up?
Sammy-No,u didn’t.I’m sorry,love.I had a…situation I needed to take care of.Where r u right now?
She stopped & that’s when he saw her.

They looked at each other with short distance.?
Today she wore jeans,a white V-necked T-shirt that moulded over her ample br**sts,a wide belt,heels,& chunky jewellry.She always looked so put together.

Swara-I came to see u (said softly,she sounded unsure)
Sammy lowered phone & started towards her,determine to allay her fear & soothe away any doubt she had about what she’d come to mean to him.

Swara-Yoohoo,Sammy,there u are????

He stopped moving & held his breath.
That was Kavi’s voice behind him & it resonsted like a record scratch in the musical interlude of this perfect moment.

Precap-Swara-Kavita confrontation

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