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BLIND DATE (Part 13)

Part 13

She wondered if she’d offended him by dancing with another guy.But she couldn’t have,becoz he’d given her permission to.Hadn’t he?

She went back inside to search for him,&that’s when she saw him.
Swara couldn’t believe her eyes.Her mouth fell open?.Sammy was dancing,shaking his hips & bouncing his shoulders to LL Cool J’s.
“Jingling Baby” his dance partner practically did a strip tease in front of him,tossing her long tresses & working her voluptuous body in a series of provocative gyarations.
The next thing Swara knew,another woman danced behind him & created a Sammy sandwich.?
He handled both of them by switching back & forth,turning every so often to give each woman his attention,& even incorporated spanking motion with his hands.?(Flirty boy?)

“U better go get ur man.”The warning was issued,& then the woman walked away.
As the song flowed into another,Swara made her way over to Sammy.?

Sammy-Hey? (He smiled but kept dancing)
Swara-I didn’t find u.Where were u?
She yelled to be heard over the music.
Sammy-In a bathroom for a sec.
Swara-I’m ready to dance now.

She gave the women dirty looks??(Jealous Swara?)
Sammy stopped & smiled apologetically to both of them.
When they walked away,Swara narrowed her eyes at him.

Swara-U played me?
Sammy-No u played urself.(flashing his teeth)Treat,’Em right.
Started his shoulders bouncing &,feet moving again,& Swara shook her head & started moving,too.She would have to watch him.


THE NIGHT AIR wafed across Swara’s face & cooled her heated body.
Swara-I had so much fun.??
The venue had shut down & partiers disbursted,heading fir their cars.
Her feet hurt after being in heels all day & spending the last few hrs dancing,but she didn’t regret it.

Sammy-Should I be offended that u sound so surprised?
Sammy had removed his tie & stuck it into the right pocket of his pants.He looked more relaxed with one button undone at the top of his shirt???

Swara-No.What do u mean?
Sammy-Didn’t think that guy could dance,huh?

Embarrassed,she slanted a sheepish grin at him.

Swara-There’s not an anti-defamation league I have to answer to,is there?

He laughed,the sound especially attractive as they walked along the dark street.

Sammy-Not this time I’m giving u a pass.
Swara-Thank u…

Up ahead,a man with a handwritten cardboard sign on a foot cart offered sausage dogs for sale.

Sammy-Do u mind if I stop & get a bite to eat?
Swara-Are u sure u want to do that?He’s always out here after parties selling his overpriced hotdogs.
Sammy-Right now,I mortgaged my parents’ farm for a bite.(bhukkar Sammy?)
Swara-How was that possible?We didn’t eat long ago.
Sammy-We sat for a long time talking in the restaurant,& we ate almost 8 hrs ago.
Sammy pointed out…
Sammy-Do u want anything?
Swara-No,u go ahead.

They waited in line while the vendor served others.When Sammy’s turn came,he ordered a spicy sausage dog with everything & purchased a bottle of water.They started walking again,& he lifted the napkin-wrapoed hotdog,taking a third into his mouth with a big bite.

Sammy-Mmm.This is good.Sure u don’t want some?

Swara looked at the sandwich.The alluring smell of onions,chopped cabbage,relish moistened her taste buds.?

Swara-You don’t hace cooties,do u?
Sammy-No,I was immunized from them years ago.

She grinned.She felt relaxed with him,as if she’d known him forever.

Swara-In that case…

They stopped a few feey from the car & he held out holding the hotdog.As she opened her mouth,their gaze met?.She became very aware that she was taking a bite from the exact same spot where his mouth had been.????.Allof a sudden,the act seemed very intimate.The smile on Sammy’s face eased away as if the same thought crossed his mind at the same moment??.His eye went from being filled with humor to darkening with something that looked very much like lust.
Swara’s chest tightened as she diverted her gaze to the hotdog,sinking her teeth into it & quickly withdrawing when she’d pulled off a small chunk.


Still unable to look at him.He offered his water & she hesitated this time.A quick look showed him watching her closely.She took the bottle & their fingertips grazed each other,sending pleasurable warmth throughout her chest.After taking a mouthful,she handed back the bottle.

Swara-Thank u☺

They stood in a silence for a moment before Sammy erased the small distance b/w them with one step.

Swara-I’m ready to go to the hotel now.

She started feeling things she didn’t want to feel,hadn’t expected to feel when she came out tonight.A temptation that unsettled her & made her suddenly ill at ease.Sammy should have temporary diversion,but right now she felt he could be much more than that.

Among her friends,she was the good one,the one who always did everything right.She’d never had a one-night stand-only long-term relationships.
When she & her friends went out,it went without saying that she’d be the designated driver?.But the more time she spent with Sammy,the less she wanted to be good.??

But her priorities were to finish her summer job & open her own boutique.
A man didn’t figure into a picture until later on down the road.Certainly not one she’d never see again come the day after tommorow.

Sammy finished his hotdog & got into the car,& before long they were on their way.
Swara huddled close to the door,sitting as far away as she could,which didn’t seem far enough.The mood of the evening had changed.No more light-hearted banter or teasing smiles.A veil of tension settled over them,hindering the ability to speak.
On the road to the hotel,the weighted air wouldn’t go away.Sanskar fiddled with the turner on the radio & finally settled on a station playing music.At that time of night,slow jams filled the airwaves.& a woman sang an invitation to a distant lover in a sulrty voice that served to stretch Swara’s nerves even tauter.

When they arrive at tge Heven Hotel ,Sammy pulled into the underground parking garage instead of dropping her at the front.

Swara-What r u doing??
Sammy-I’m going to escort u to ur room.
Swara-U’ll have to pay for parking.
Sammy-It’s not that much & it’ll be worth it.?

He shut off the engine.

Sammy-Let’s go.

Her hands shook as she reached for the door.
The tension b/w them magnified in the quiet elevator,& so did the heaviness that had settled in her stomach.
By the time they reached her room,she was anervous wreck with sweaty pakms & woobly knees.
She fumbled with the key card before finally fitting the plastic strip into the narrow slot & hearing the door click open.

So close behind her that his lips brushed her earlobe,affecting every nerve from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.?

The word came out in a breathless whisper.

Sammy-I’m coming in?

She almost sagged with relief .Her eyes found his over shoulder ,& without a word,she led the inside.

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