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BLIND DATE (Part 10)


London,Friday,6 yrs ago

Swara couldn’t hide her surprise when Sammy returned to Saks dressed in a white shirt,tie,& pressed jeans.He’d shaved off the day-old facial hair,& she smelled a hint of musk from his aftershave.Her eyebrows lifted…?

Swara-You clean up well…?
Sanskar-I didn’t make good first impression so I figured I’d better bring my A-game.I passed this time??

Arms outstretched,he turned in a slow circle.
He definitely had a nice body & she whistled,nothing the firm butt & narrow waist.

Swara-Not bad,Mr.Sammy.
Sanskar-Which reminds me.U owe me something.
Swara-What’s that?
Sanskar-A last name…
Swara-It’s Gadodiya.
Sanskar-Swara Gadodiya..?(he said as if committing it to memory)
Swara-By the way,my co-workers have ur name & they’re writing down ur licence plate number as we speak.So don’t do anything crazy…(Smart & Detective Swara??)
Sansakar-I wouldn’t dream of doing anything crazy-unless u want me to…??

He drew a laugh when he wagged his eyebrows,& then he looked at the store to see two women standing at the window.He waved & they waved back.Returning his gaze to Swara,he crooked his arm.

Sanskar-Ur chariot awaits..

She looped her arm through his & followed to the illegally parked Lexus at the crub.She was enjoying this way too much even though she hardly knew him.

Swara-Nice chariot.☺
Sanskar-It’s my brother’s & so r the clothes.
Swara-Maybe I should be going to dinner with ur brother.?
Sanskar-Watch ur mouth?

She laughed at the mock hurt expression on his face & slide onto the soft leather of the passenger seat.Sammy got in & took the wheel.
She had no idea where they were headed,but she had a feeling that if he’d gone through this much trouble,she wouldn’t be disappointed in his choice of restaurant?

Maginificiant Mile,had no shortage of places to dine.Every type of cuisine could be found on the main road or down the side streets.When he pulled up in front of the turn-of-the-century brownstone,she almost gasped.?
She’d eaten at the award-winning restaurant once & had fallen in love with the chef’s ability to create flavourful dishes from seasonal choices .
The pre-fix menu only offered four-or -five course meal options & it wasn’t cheap.

Swara swung her gaze on Sanskar.He grinned,as if he knew he’d done good.

Swara-Still making a good impression?

Inside,large floral arrangements bursting with summer flowers adorned the dinning room.Knock-offs of impressionist paintings & abstracts from local artists hung on the walls.A hostess escorted them to a table where they immediately ordered a four-course meal & a bottle of wine.

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