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Part 1

Swara was waiting for the guy.She was in shock to see the face of the person in front on her she was frozen for a second.
Otherside the Man the is having a cute smile on his face and greeted her.
SWARA-U???But the table is booked on the name of Sanskar Maheshwari(Ya its our Hero…How can Swara go on Date with other Guy??)???& u r Sammy!!!???
Sanskar-Ya that was my nike name?
Swara-Means that was ur plan???


It was moring…and Swara was sitting in Dinning Table waiting for her breakfast…
And here it came…Ragini brought breakfast & kept it on table & besides Swara.

(NOTE-RAGINI Is Swara’s Elder sister.Married with LAKSH,who is a Docter 6 yrs ago.She was married at age 24.By their second anniversary,they had 4 yrs old daughter, Saumya & 2yrs old son Rahul & was 7 months pregnant.She always dreamt of being a housewife unlike her sister SWARA,who wanted to open her boutique & she opened 2 yrs back.)

Ragini got a loving & caring hubby so she wanted her sister also will get a guy like her hubby.
But our had no interest in Boys & Marriage.
While having breakfast Swaragini had convo…

Swara-Next tym i’ll hier a escort whenever I have to go on an event with a Date…?
Ragini-Are u mad????
Swara-Why???Whats wrong in that???Nowadays its common…Women hier escorts…
Ragini-DESPERATE Women….?
Swara-Its NOT like that…
Ragini-Its like that..
I know a guy who is compitable to u..?
I met him once in a party.He is Laksh’s friend.
Swara-I’m not interested in ur stupid matches?…How can I forget Ashish.Nonsense creature not having dressing sense,& rubbish talks…? & that Praveen,whose wife died 2 yes ago…he wasted our whole Date in Her talks…He loves him sovmuch & blah blah blah…?
Ragini-Thats good na u got to know him in 1st meeting itself that he is not compitable for u?
Ragini-This guy which I’m telling now is very Handsome???
Swara-Is he Attractive??
Ragini-Means u r interested..??
Swara-U had not answerd my question???
Ragini-Why not u’ll find out urself.
Swara-what u mean????
Ragini-U can meet him on a BLIND DATE…?

After much thinking she agreed for it…?


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