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Bigg Boss 10 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Weekend Ka Vaar
Diwali Special
Salman comes stage and dances chinta ta song. Salman sees kids in audience giving gifts to other kids. Salman says so much love in small package. He welcomes everyone in Bigg boss weekend ka vaar. He wishes all diwali and new year. He says see what happened in house after lat day.

In Bigg boss house:
Mona says to Manu and Manveer that even after all this, celebs are explaining me things like i am not part of that group, tell me if one person comes to me and tells me not feel bad about others talking behind back, then isnt it backbiting?
Rahul says i asked Mona who backbited then she is like i dont remember, Gaurav says atleast dont talk about anything infront of Mona, Rahul says i awas trying to explain her but my mistake, i cant handle

bad english and bad manners.
Mona says they are saying they dont feel bad me talking to you people but they are feeling bad, Manu says Gaurav is eyeing us even now.
Gaurav says did anyone ask her that she likes to spend time with commoners? Rahul says this is cheap, i cant say it live, Gaurav says she can stay silent for once but no.

On stage, Salman says they are celebrating in house with inmates whom they wont even look at outside house. One will be able to go home today. GAURAV, AKANSHA AND NITI ARE NOMINATED.

Call is connected to house. Salman greets everyone. Swami says you are looking grea, Salman says it feels like you are long lost friends that met in house. Salman says to Swami that we listened you wanted new life, we adivsed you to find new profession so i am giving you career option, look at it. First picture shows Swami as president of America, all laugh. Second picture shows Swami as rockstar. Manu says i like this Yo Yo Swami. Third picture shows Swami as policeman. Then picture shows Swami as athlete as Bhag Swami bhag, Salman asks Lopa which she liked best? She says i like last one best, Salman says you are checking out his body in athlete costume? Lopa laughs and says is this remaining for me? Salman asks if Swami is running towards her or away from her? Swami says i am running towards her as she spreads indian culture which i like most. Salman shows next picture Swami as Bahubali, all laugh, Manu says he will sacrifice us one day.
Salman says to inmates that we will play game now, its called ‘i am scared of slap’. One inmate will be sent to activity area where they will be asked question and they will answer it while other inmates will see it on Tv and will agree with it showing green card or red card, if majority shows red card then inmate in activity area will slap. Salman asks Rohan to bring playcards while ask Gaurav to go to Activity area.
Gaurav comes in activity area and sit on chair, Salman asks him question if he thinks there is difference between celebs and commoners? Gaurav says no. Majority raise green card, they agree with him. Salman asks if he thinks he is mastermind of celebs? Gaurav says no. Celebs raise green card agreeing with him while all commoners raise red card. Salman says majority is red so.. Gaurav gets slapped from fake hand. Salman asks Gaurav if he thinks he is most strong in his team? Gaurav says no, his team agrees but commoners dont and they are 7 in number so he gets slapped.
Manu comes in activity area. Salman asks if he thinks there is no leader in commoner except him? Manu says no. Majority agrees with him. Salman asks Manu if he think that girls of his team are not clever, Manu says they have mind but they dont use it on time. Niti is confused to show red or green card to his answer, Salman says this proves that you actually dont have mind, all laugh, majority agrees with Manu. Salman asks Manu if he thinks celebs do everything for footage? Manu says yes, celebs dont agree with him while his team agrees, Manu gets slapped as majority didnt agree, Manu says i got slapped before answering properly, Salman laughs.

Three women Pooja, Sonia and Deepankshi are called on stage as panel to discuss BB. Salman says i want to know from panel what they think about this season? One woman Pooja says its interesting because of commoners but celebs are not showing passion, they are image conscious, i feel this is commoners’ weak point, they dont have manners while celebs are so much immersed in manners that they are not coming out well. Salman says we had expectations from Bani, Deepankshi says we had expectations because Bani is strong but it was not shown that she is interested in task, Salman says is it like that let them be i dont care to argue with them? Deepankshi says yes like she generally said dirty people when she found tissues. Salman asks woman Pooja who is going ahead? she says Manu. Sonia says i like Manveer, he has studied well, he is playing smartly, i think Naveen played well in game. Pooja says there are ethics and morals too. Sonia says you are correct but Bigg boss asked him to play game and didnt mention any rules, Pooja says it doesnt mean he can cheat. Other woman says i disagree that Manver is playing smartly, his real qualities are not shown, he didnt do anything in start then Manu started leading his team, he is using all as puppet. Sonia says i dont agree, there were players earlier too who hide behind group in start and go ahead without getting attention then at end they show their real personality, Pooja says its Naveen, he was hiding behind group, now showing his wings which has disgusted everyone, he is teacher so he should show some ethics. Salman says the diferent behavior bu celebs for Mona why is reason for that? Pooja says her compatibility is with commoners more and Manu is taking advantage of it, she is getting targeted in all this, Salman says i feel Manu would switch team first chance he gets, Sonia says correct, Salman says Manveer will get stuck in all this, he asks about Gaurav? Sonia says he seems like he was doing Savadhan India then going for his saas bahu serial but stopped in middle to enter Bigg boss, all laugh, Sonia says he is dull. Salman asks who is most clever player? Sonia its Karan, he gives remarks like when Mona was crying before going to jail, he commented that girls should go and pacify her, not him so his face might be cute but he is negative. Pooja and Deepankshi says its Naveen, he is fake. Panel leaves.

Salman says we will see how correct this panel was in future. Salman gets box which has phones of inmates. He connects call to house. Salman says to inmates guess what it can be in box? Bani says messages. Salman says you guys are not allowed to use phone inside, you gave your phones to our security, we have got some messages on your phones which we cant read but we have read it in person and we know all your secrets now, bigg boss will use it, inmates oh no. Salman says we dont know whose phone is whose but we will read message and get idea whose it might be. He takes one phone and says it has 156 messages and all are from insurance company, all laugh, Salman asks whose phone it might be? whose life is in danger in house? Manu says Swami, all laugh, Salman says we have got one more message, its from electricity board, they are saying that they are giving him electricity supply contract, he just should pray in bigg boss, all laugh. Salman asks Swami what is secret behind inmates wanting to kill him? Swami says i said that just to take footage, theya are protectors of my life, Salman says you dont need footage, you are footage yourself. Salman asks Manu what we can do about Swami? Manu says i feel like he has forgotten his medicine outside, please send it so we can control him, all laugh. Salman says he is Swami, those kind of medicines are not needed for him, (he doesnt go for women), all laugh, Swami says we have some tantars to avoid those needs, all inmates starts acting like pulling ropes hinting that Swami is fooling people with his words, all laugh. Salman says Swami in short for what it is needed? Swami says you must not know as you are not married, all laugh, Swami says but those who are married knows about worldly pleasure, Salman asks what pleasure? Swami says i cant explain openly infront of my daughters here, all laugh, Manu says sir from where did you team find piece like him? Swami says this is documented, you dont information, Manu says i am on your side, all laugh. Salman reads next message that she is cheated in tasks, she should find cheaters, whose phone it might be? Manveer says its Lokesh, Salman asks her to say, Lokesh says i got cheated in task so it might be mine. Salman reads next message that please wake up, its wake up call, Salman asks Rahul whose phone it might be? Rahul laughs and says this is fake allegation on me, Lopa says innocent him.

Bani brings some laados from store room as per Salman’s order, some are green and some are yellow. Salman says to Bani that you are looking beautiful today as Indian girl, Bani says you are looking nice too Sir, Swami says he is always handsome, Salman laughs. Salman says you inmates have to decide which laado you want to make other inmate eat, whom you think is hero of house, make him or her eat yellow laado and who is zero for you, make him or her eat green laado. He asks Lokesh to start task. Lokesh makes yellow laado to Manu, she says he is hero because he makes people smile and take stand too. Lokesh makes Rahul eat green laado, she says i like him but he doesnt speak much, his presence doesnt matter but i like him, Rahul says its bitter, Salman says they are bitterguard laados. Naveen makes Rohan eat yellow laado, he says i fight him so he is my hero, he makes Karan eat green and says i dont get along with him. Manu makes Gaurav eat yellow and says he is competitor, he makes green eat Karan and says i dont talk to him much, so his presence doesnt matter. Manveer says Rahul is my hero, he is always calm, collected, he makes him eat yellow and says villain is Naveen, he can cheat anyone. Niti says hero is Akansha, she makes her eat yellow and says the one who cheats his own team, he is zero for me, she makes green eat Naveen. Gaurav says sometimes player is not in spot but he keeps your team together from back, his blood has become clean too so i make him yellow, he makes Karan eat yellow and makes Naveen eat green. Mona says he didnt let me feel alone here, he makes laugh too, she makes Manu eat yellow and says Manveer is same for me, she makes Gaurav eat green and says i dont get along with him. Rohan says all are heroes in my team but i want to make manu eat yellow as we thought him instigating his team against us but he proved us wrong. He makes green eat Naveen and says i want him to play fair. Karan says hero for me is who has same thinking as mine, Salman asks is it Lokesh? all laugh, Karan makes Gaurav eat yellow laado and says zero for me is Naveen, his presence doesnt matter to me. Lopa makes Rahul eat yellow laado and says he is our team’s backbone and makes Naveen eat green. Rahul says all are heroes in my team but if we look at other team, i trust gujjars who play from front, i respect him for that, he makes Manveer ear yellow laado, Manveer hugs him. Rahul says Naveen is opposite of Manveer, he backbites so it doesnt matter if he remains here or not. Salman laughs and says real zero is one who didnt get neither yellow laado nor green laado(pointing Swami), all laugh, Salman says he should have gotten 8 laados, now he can get laado only if he chooses himself as hero or zero, all laugh. Salman says now Swami will make others eat laados. Swami says Rohan is future of India, he is peace of India, i have seen him handling all alone, he makes Rohan eat yellow laado, Swami says i did mistake here and i will eat his green laado myself for that mistake, he eats it himself, all clap for him, Salman laughs. Manu asks him to eat whole laado, Swami eats. Salman says you made Rohan eat, remember your team, Swami says he is peace of india. Manu says i just want to see that you are seeing what he is saying then why you are not evicting him? Swami says i want to make this world peaceful, you will TRP of show increasing this year, Salman says i will comeback after checking rating, he ends call.

Salman says Swami can increase fan following of show. Salman says its time evict one contestant who got less votes. Call is connected to house. Salman says its time for eviction. Salman says Gaurav is evicted, all are shocked, Salman ends call. Gaurav starts packing. Niti and Akansha hugs each other and cries. Salman connects call again, Bani runs to TV and says he is messing with everyone. Salman hides behind pillar on stage. All think he was gone. Gaurav comes to garden to leave house. Salman comes on stage, inmates come near TV and says today is Diwali.. but that doesnt mean there wont be elimination. Salman says GAURAV IS SAFE, Bani says i told you, you are not going anywhere. Salman says whoever is getting saved today from Niti and Akansha, is saved from very less margin. Salman says AKANSHA IS EVICTED, he ends call. Rohan hugs Akansha sideways. Akansha takes her things and starts leaving. Niti hugs Akansha and says i will miss you, they cry, Akansha hugs Manu and says be strong everybody. Akansha leaves. Rahul says she got such bright smile.

Manveer says to Rahul that you made Salman clap for me today, Rahul says i said everything genuinely, Manveer says you know i say everything clearly, i dont backbite, i am not like that, i feel scared between these people, Rahul says just shine, Manveer says things can go beyond, i didnt like Salman threatening about real jail, my family will think that i am goon, Rahul says it was said to not raise your hand, he has drawn line for everyone, it was done because of Naveen raising stone on Rohan, wer were away from Rohan so it was dangerous, Manveer says everything is getting caught.

Manveer hugs Swami and says missing Priyanka? Swami says yes, Swami says

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