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Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Breaking from Bigg boss:
Reporter says you will see how voltage drama. Rohan shouts at Manu to let me eat. There is battle between celebrities and commoners. Mona cries and says i cant do it. Reporter says Swami said that he eats fruits only but his real face came to forth. Swami says to celebrities that i will eat rice and veggies. Rohan is jailed by Priyanka.

Day 2 (continued)
Priyanka says to Swami that go to bed and sleep, i will come and ask what happened? you will say that i am hungry that my intestines are coming out, make food for me then i will say that what are these slaves for? ask them to go and cook food, Swami leaves. Lokesh says to camera that i give you one report, we are going to make slaves work, lets see if Swami demand for food or just give his lectures.

Swami rings bell, he is lying on his bed. Priyanka asks whom to tell? Lopa? i will ask her. Karan asks what you want Swami? Swami says i need to take medicine, so can you make rice or veggies for me? Karan says should we make what we have? Lopa says you denied eating at dinner time, Swami says i didnt feel like eating it, Mona says this is dinner time? you didnt know that you will have to take medicine? Swami says you dont want to cook then dont, Lopa says i will cook. Manveer says if you dont want to cook Mona then leave, Manveer says you said that all work is done for tonight and now this, Manveer says what can i do if he is angry? Mona leaves, Rohan and Karan asks him to talk calmly with her, she is girl, behave. Gaurav says to Priyanka that right and wrong is being shown. Manveer says to Swami that we can go long way together, they are 7people now, just push them a little more.

Priyanka says they are threatening that their time will come too, whats their problem if Swami is hungry? why they are personally attacking, even if he is flirt, dog or whatever but he is hungry, Priyanka says sorry Rahul calls you flirty old boy, Swami says listen why he is calling me flirt ***********, he use curses, Rohan listens it and says something which is muted too. Swami says jerk calling me flirt. Gaurav says she is making food for you, she is calling you old so what? Swami says i am old but why calling me flirt? flirt is man who runs behind woman, did you see me going behind any girl? Priyanka says he is like my father, he even apologized, bigg boss forgave him but you people didnt, Karan says if he apologized then why you are bringing it up again and again? just by raising voice, you cant make everything up, Priyanka says i am not loud, i talk like this only, if he was so wrong then Bigg boss must have thrown him out, Karan says you are supporting wrong, Swami says i just wanted to take medicine, Karan says so we cooked for you, Swami says thanks, Karan says then what is the need to bring up things at this time? you call us celebrities and all but we are humans, we are standing here at this time cooking food, no one is bigger or smaller here, Swami says very well, they all go to sleep.
Manveer says to Manu that Swami is out of line, Manu laughs Swami being called flirt and says Priyanka shouldnt have told him that, Manveer says i told Swami to not call them devi and all, how much to make him understand, Swami comes and says did you see me flirting with girls? Manveer says they are just giving you reaction to your actions, Priyanka says you should have asked me how do i find you flirty then i would have put their name on it, just play after thinking.

Day 3
Parde mein song plays. Gaurav is meditating, Priyanka, Mona are dancing. Rohan is dancing with Mona. Karan is brushing teeth.

Swami says to Naveen that Gaurav said to Akansha that he loves him, i will take care of you, Naveen says we will not use this info directly, we will try to us to make Gaurav on your side, Swami says this is good greed thing, if some celebrity is promising to marry you then its his acting.

Swami says to Lopa that i am sorry for yesterday, i had fever and lost my mind, i am sorry, Lopa says for talking about girls like that? he says for everything, i apologize for everything, we should say truth but should say it gently, i was going mad because of fever, Lopa says you didnt that much fever, i checked your body temperature, your had 104degree fever then i would have understood but it wasnt much fever, she points out that he is wearing slippers wrong feet, Swami says i went to be checked from doctor, i am follower of Devi, Lopa says its not about saying you are follower, you should say it in your attitude, Swami says human is made of mistakes, it would be God if dont do mistakes. Gaurav comes and says i should tell you that it doesnt suite you to say things like that to young girl, Swami says i was angry, Gaurav says even if you are angry, when person listens things like that then they feel bad and it affects mentally, you are surrounded by people that are you using you, Swami says i know last night i was being used by them, Gaurav says if happens a lot of time that they blame you for things, they say on your back that you said things which you didnt, Swami says i was being used yesterday, i know that, i was hungry and needed to take medicine but i could have slept without it too.

Akansha is washing clothes, Gaurav says to Akansha that your habit of washing clothes and choosing people is nice, Akansha says this is from my past experience, Gaurav says that choice of your husband was from someone else, you dont want take responsibility for that. Gaurav says i had to ask you that because of that secret, i felt bad, Akansha says i didnt feel bad, Gaurav says i knew about your past from before otherwise i would have felt bad making you talk about it to solve riddle, Akansha says then i wouldnt have bring up topic, Gaurav says i told you that i wont discuss that topic with you, i didnt know task would come up, people would talk about it in sympathetic about it but you didnt which i liked, you should talk like i am okay with it if you are strong, Akansha says i am fine with it, Gaurav says when young girl is strong, it looks really nice, all the best, she says to you too, Gaurav smiles and leaves.

Priyanka says to Gaurav that dont say that i take Swami’s side, Gaurav says when a person say something wrong and if you are standing on his side even if your reason is you respect him, or because of hunger or anything it looks wrong, that man said many wrong things, Priyanka says so he didnt have right to ask for food? Gaurav says i am not using strong words like right, but it doesnt suite especially a girl supporting him when he was makine more issues, Priyanka says what if he said that he was feeling ill, dont target me because of asking for food for him, Gaurav says why would you talk on his behalf so much? he was saying to team that he was being used by you people yesterday, Priyanka says what? oh God, Manu says yes, Gaurav says i am TV actor, i know you people would look bad on Tv, play game, i am not denying that, Manu says he told me that celebrities are asking me to go on their side but i am on your side, Lokesh says he is playing double game, Manu says show all this on sunday, Gaurav says fights will come up but when he talks so wrong then its black and white, he leaves. Manveer says to Manu he is saying things which we told to Swami when they were not there, he is passing our talks to them.

Naveen says to Swami that celebrities are saying that you told them that we are provoking you against them, Swami says i didnt say it, they are blaming me that you people are provoking me, Manu says should i call Gaurav? you didnt say to him that we are provoking you? Swami says call him i didnt say it, not a chance, Manu says Gaurav is lying, Priyank says this man called me daughter, he cant be wrong. Gaurav comes there, Priyanka says sit and talk. Manu says Swami is saying he didnt say we are provoking him against you people, you are making him look bad in our eyes, Swami says Gaurav told me that you people put blame on me for all wrong deeds you do against celebrities, Gaurav says what? Manu says he is saying that whatever wrong we do with you people, we do it on Swami’s saying or orders, Swami says yes he said it, Gaurav says yes i said it when he said that he was being used yesterday by you people, Swami says i was not being used yesterday at all, Gaurav says you said it in morning only, you said you realized that you were being used yesterday,

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