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Bepanah payar (Tanshi) Episode 2

Episode 2

Rishi house

Malaika phone ring

Malaika : Where are you i am waiting for you since long

Frend : yeahh malaika i m reach bedi house
Malaika tell all member that she come

Malaika frend enter in bedi house

All member are in house but Aahana is not there

All are shocked to see malaika frend because her face similar to tannu

Rishi doesnot move he stand like his life stop and he doesn’ t react

She enter

Malaika frend : What the hell malaika you leave me in America and you come we decide to come together but you left me there and now i have to found my daughter.

Biji : tannu you come back my tannu is back i am waiting for you since long you know how much i love you but you left me alone

Malaika : biji she is tannu my frend how you know her she come india after 20 years

Biji : She is my tannu

Tannu : yes i am tannu but I am not your tannu you have misunderstanding i think

Biji : Noo you are my tannu mere Rishi ki tannu

Rishi come and hug her tightly

Tannu and malaika is shocked

Tannu : leave me i am not your tannu

Malaika : yeah she is my frend tannu from America she come here for her daughter and buisness deal
Rishi doesnot listen to malaika

Rishi : You comeback after 20 years i know my tannu come back someday you come i cant believe my tannu is back

Manpreet :Tannu tum vapis aa gayi you know how miss rishi bhai you

Tannu : who are they

Malaika : he is rishi singh bedi

Tannu : what

Tannu : You kill my sister Ahana and my parents and now insult my daughter tanuja

Everyone is shocked to listen this

Tannu : you know who tanuja is she is tanuja khurana and she have money that she bought like your house ten house and you throw my daughter out of house and blame her you kill my parents and sister

Everyone shocked rishi is expressionless


Ahana enter tannu hug her and say are you alive
Ahana is shocked

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