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Behind the screen – MANYASA ( part 3 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 40 )
hii my frnds..i am really sry for taking so much time…as i told already…i really dont know how to write like u all..suhana has to help me all t tym..she knows hw to frame a scene..so its getting really long for me to put an episode…

here we goes…
jigyasa comes inside…
brother : jigyasa..hw was ur day
jigyasa : t was so nice…
brother : then wo is t male lead
jigyasa : i ll show u
jigyasa takes her camera and shows everyone
brother : they are all looking good…are u finding comfortable wt them
jigyasa : yaa very well
brother : wat abt ur male lead
jigyasa : he is soo sweet and caring
brother : wow…ur telling abt him within a day
jigyasa smiles
brother : first go and take rest…
jigayasa nods her head and leaves
jigyasa lies on t bed and sees all t pics that they took…she sees manish pic ( he is actually cute )
mom : jigyasa come and eat
jigyasa goes and eats
At mrng…
jigyasa : maa i am leaving..did u called t driver
mom : he is not picking t call
jigyasa : maa then i m leaving now..i ll get a auto on t way…i am not going to trust him hereafter
jigyasa leaves t place and gets in to a auto
jigyasa reached t spot
jigyasa searched for manish
dir : jigyasa u came to early..very good..and i already told u tat ur shooting spot is n t next building..i hav arranged everything…
jigyasa : ok sir
jigyasa goes to t next building
make up man comes there and starts to put make up for her

after an hour…
manish reached t spot and parked his bike and comes there
dir : manish get ready fast
manish : jii sir
manish goes to get ready
ziya comes and sits in t halll…namish comes ter
namish : hello swthrt
ziya : namish stop ur nonsense…why are u calling me like this
namish : seee if i start to develop feelings then oly t ll depict in t serial as well
ziya : stupid…don dare to call like tat
namish : ziya…its about a two jodi concept..v have to seek attention then manish and jigyasa
ziya : i dont think ppl ll love our pair..manish is killing t role wt his perfection
namish : y u r always praising him…he is not tat much good…wen compared to me
ziya : stop ur nonsense namish
manish comes there
manish : u guys started now itself
namish : manish she is jst hating me
manish : ziyaa
ziya : manish he is calling me as swthrt always…
manish : wat
namish : i m just getting in to t character to justify t..wats wrong n this manish
manish : he s ryt
ziya : don support him
namish : manish even u started to have feelings for jigyasa right
manish and ziya gets shocked
manish started to thinks about jigyasa
ziya : he is not a crap like u…he is regarding jigyasa as his sister
manish : wat sister??? ziyaa are u kidding me…she is my onscreen pair…how can i see her as my sister..she is a nice girl and..
namish interrupts

namish : he is on t ryt track
dir comes there
dir : i guess its my mistake for giving u guys time to get along…go and do t reharsals..chaloo
they started to prepare for t sequences
and t shooting went for 3 hrs continuously
everyone felt tired
dir : its a break..now u guys go and freshen up and come
ziya : manish its too tired….
manish : ziya…more to come..don u heard abt t night shoot
namish : ya i heard they ll shoot for even 24 hrs continuously
ziya : then i won strive
manish : u ll get used to t
ziya : hope so
manish : can v go to t next buildin
ziya : why
manish : jigyasa is alone..may b she feels something na
namish : ya v can go
ziya : no need..s shee shooting her sequence alone..she is with a set of members…don disturb her shoot…she s already doing everything wrong ( smiles )
manish : stop t ziya..she s very new…she ll adapt to t sequence soon
namish : ok guys can v go and have something
manish : ya come
ziya ( mind voice – manish goplani i know u r starting to develop some feelings for her..i wont let t happen )
they went and ate together…
they conversed with t other members and enjoyed so much
scene shifts…
jigyasa felt tired as t shooting s going for 4 hrs continuosly
dir : go and eat jigyasa ll shoot later
jigyasa and t other went to eat…they introduced themselves…jigyasa finds comfortable wt her onscreen family members and takes some pics

scene shifts
dir : namish u have a sequence wt jigyasa…just go to t next building..t other dir is callin me
namish : ok sir
manish :dir sir..did i have any scenes now
dir : no u can take rest for 30 mins
manish : then can i go and see t shooting ter
dir : ya sure..but come back within 30 mins
manish : sure sir ( happily )
manish : come on namish
they both goes to t next building..ziya sees them and gets irritated
manish goes ther…
jigyasa was in t blue jean wt yellow tshirt…wt loose hair…t shooting was going..
manish stares at her and smiles
jigyasa didnt see him…manish stands there and sees hw she is acting
namish : woww she is acting good now..
manish : i told u
namish : i should perform better in a sequence wt her
manish : al t best
namish : did u guys have shooted for any sequence together
manish : not yet
t shoot completed for t scene
jigyasa sees manish standing ther and comes near to him
manish : u acted really well
jigyasa : thank you..wat u guys are doing here
manish : v had free time..so came here
namish : madam v r having a sequence together…
jigyasa : ya i heard t dialogues
manish and jigyasa stares at each other
dir : jigyasa go and prepare for t next sequence
jigyasa : jii sir
manish : ok i think i should leav..bye
jigyasa : byeee
jigyasa sees him till he crossed t building
manish comes to t spot…
and t shooting went for a long time….
at evening…
dir : ok guys pack up..ts enough for today
manish : thank god
ziya : it was too tiring naa manish?
manish : ya…v should used to t
ziya : how u r going home daily
manish : i hav a bike
ziya : can u drop me today
manish thinks abt jigyasas
ziya : wat happend
manish : ya sure come
manish takes t bike from t parking
ziya sits in t bike and puts her hands around his waist
manish gets shocked
ziya : actually i was very afraid for going in t bike
manish : okay

manish starts to drive…
jigyasa was waiting outside…and sees manish and ziya going together and gets upset
ziya : stop t bike for a min
manish stops t bike
ziya : wat r u doing t here..are u waiting for some one
jigyasa looks at manis
jigyasa : m waiting for any auto
ziya : oh so sad..if i get to see any auto i ll send t here okay
jigyasa : okay ziya
ziya : manish come on lets go
jigyasa ( mind voice – yesterday he dropped me voluntarily..now he dropped her…such a idiot he is…i should stay away from him..tat would b good fr me..and that ziya..cant she have any sense..hw can he touch him )
manish sees jigyasa in t mirror and gets upset
manish drops ziya at her home…
ziya : thank you so much manish
ziya started to leave
manish : ziya…try to come by ur car hereafter..my home is so far away from ur place…
ziya : okay
manish leaves t place
jigyasa gets in to t auto and goes to her home
jigyasa gets a text from a new number…
” did u reached home safely ”
jigyasa : texts ” wo is this ”
her phone beeps again
the text reads ” manish goplani ”
jigyasa : ( mind voice – he left me and dropped her..then why did he ask me now..jst acting..by t way how did he got my number )
jigyasa : texts ” ya manish ”
manish : hmmm
jigyasa : how did u got my number
manish : from director
jigyasa : oh
manish : are u feel bad for msgin me
jigyasa : no no i just asked
manish : hmm
jigyasa : did u reached home
manish : no
jigyasa : then??
manish : m on t way
jigyasa : are u driving nd msging me
manish : ya
jigyasa : don u have brain…go safe home first….

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