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Bahu hmari Rajni kant – 3rd episode

So im busy tomorrow with my exibition so today im also busy but get time to write down ff so this is a small episode.?
But im gonna post 2 episodes on tuesday………..

New character entry
and after 12 months pavi is shifted to banglore(come next episode)

Shaan takes the suitcase gone from there
When he comes home

Pavi- Shaan what is in that suitcase.

And runs in the lab.
The lab is his room only but he make it like his lab.

Pllavi follows him

Pavi- Shaan what is in that suitcase??
She snathes the suitcase and it fall down and the suitcase opned and all the comes out.

Shaan runs……………… and takes money

Pavi- How did you get sooo much of money???

Shaan-frightened….. ahhhh i just got the loannnn


Shaan stops in between…
shaan- leave but….. and im going in the room dont disturb me

After 12 months

Shaan has just completed his robot some functioning is left………

Pavi has shifted to banglore for her work…..

Dev – Shaan you have made the robot but did you know waht is her name?


Devs reaction-?




PRECAP-Suddenly dev puts water insted of oil

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