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A New Life-part 6

Part 6 Anika wakes up only to find herself being held by Shivay. She tried maneuvering herself out of his hold so that she can get up without waking him up but was unable to, as Shivay too awoke. They got out of each other’s hold and stood up facing …

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Yeh Parivaar Kya Kehlata Hai – FF Episode 3

YPKKH: Episode 3I hope everyone is enjoying my fan fiction so far! 🙂Recap: Kartik and Nairas phone got swapped around. They went to swap them back and meanwhile Gayu and Mishti (Kartiks sisters) have followed Kartik to the meeting point. What will happen next? ~There are no strangers in the …

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Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 15

Hello people 🙂I wanted to clear one thing before we move forward. Shaan, aka the Director, is just a supporting character for Ishu. How they met or why she’s working with him or why she’s close with him is not explained yet. However, there are a few things to know …

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 30

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 30Hi everyone I’m back sorry I was busy with exams now here we go again Sitara: Arnav darlingArnav: sitaraSitara: I love you and I’m SorryArnAv: I don’t love you anymoreSitara: Arnav don’t goArnav leavesArnav: I love KhushiSitara gets frustrated and vows …

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Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part 6, 7

Part 6 Subbu laughs.Mahi is wondered:did’nt u hear what I said?SUBBU:ya,I heardM:then how cud u laugh?SUBBU:u fool,that’s not kangana.that’s her twin sister Ishita and her hus Mahi is embarrassed:oh I’m sorrySatya:whats up?M:that was kangana’s twin sister and hubbySATYA:I knew it fool Raman-Ishita reach home.Subbu calls.Ishita takes the ph.Subbu is quite …

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