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Attitude or love (epi 2)

Epi 2 In class..Scene 1:-

Twinkle entered in the class with her friends..and also Kunj came along with his friends..it was tym for history..so the prof came and all the students settled down..kunj and his friends were back benchers while Twinkle and her friends were sitting in the middle row..Kunj saw Twinkle to be in the same class as him..he unknowingly smiled..The class has started..Kunj was just staring at Twinkle..and Twinkle still dint yet notice Kunj..the class was over..Dipesh took Kunj along with him to the guls.. Scene 2 Kunj and Dipesh came towards guls grp.. Dipesh:-Hi! Karan:-Hey.. Rhea:-Who r u? Dipesh:-Oops sorry..i’m Dipesh in the same class as urs.. Lisa:-Ohh accha..par humne to tumhe notice nahi kiya..! Dipesh:-Its okk..soo?? Okk can we be frnds?(forwarding his hands) Karan:-Sure..(shaking hands wid him & introducing everyone to him..) Karan:-Who is he?(pointing towards Kunj)

Twinkle:-Ghunga(dumb)hahaha!! ???? Kunj:-Oh hello miss! Mind ur language! Twinkle:-arre tum toh bolte bhi ho..(in the teasing way) Kunj:-Haan miss Behri! Twinkle:-Kya? Me tumhe behri dikhti hu kya? You dumbo! Kunj:-Oye siyappa queen..zaraa college ate waqt hain na to apne kaan saaf kar ke aya kaaro.. Twinkle:-Tum hote kon ho mujhe kehne waale? Kunj:-The great Kunj Sarna..! Twinkle:-Bohot gamand he na tumhe..? Abhi batati hu… Kunj:-Kya baat he tujhe batana bhi ata he..wese i dnt mind..bata bata..jitna batana he bata..(in a flirty way..) Twinkle got more angry(you knw na angry bird?).. The screen splits btween kunj at the rht side and twinkle at the left ..kunj smirking while twinkle is angry..

Precap:-Kunj apologising twinkle..??..
Sorry guys..for the short update..exams ki preparations chal rhi he isiliye short de rhi hu..buh i’ll try to update longer ones..and thnks for commenting…Sidvee..i live in Lesotho…um not sure if i knw dis country..and Sayeeda appi..??? accha hua u dint say sorry warna u knw wht u wuld have got??????..its okk yaar..the best thing is dat atleast u commented..ur support is da only thing brought me here..?? agar aap na hote to iss naacheez ka kya hota??..overall Thank you every one who commented..luv u all..keep supporting me lyk dis only…?? zyaada hi bak bak hogayi na..bear wid me cuz i talk toooo much se bhi too much…??..ok bye and plz do pray for me my exams are coming…..oopss ek cheez to bhool hi gayi….sayyoo..appi happy belated b’day..i knw i wished u earlier buh still happy belated b’day ?????????? May Allah grant you success in your endeavours And a long healthy peaceful and blessed life..luv u..??

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