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Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 11

Recap : Arshi’s most unromantic dinner date. Aarav refuse to apologise. Aashi angry on Aarav

School premises..

Shyam : You’re spoilt aarav.. Is it a way to talk..

Aarav : I won’t apologise papa.. I haven’t done anything wrong..

Anjali : This is the limit now

Aarav : can we end this topic here..

Kushi : aashi now you only make him understand

Aashi : I’m not talking to him mumma.. Let him do whatever he want

Aarav : what .? Aashi.. You can’t do this.. You’re angry on me for that idiot..

Aashi frown & doesn’t talk to him..

Kushi anjali shyam smile seeing this..

Raizada mansion

Arnav : oh poor aarav…

Aashi : bhai is too much.. But I know how to handle him..

Arnav : I don’t think he is wrong.. Why should he apologise.. How dare those idiots to tease you..

Aashi : papa you too.. You both are same.. ( she go to her room )

Arnav : hey listen.. Princess..

Kushi talking on phone

Kushi : she’s still very angry di..

Anjali : he too is angry.. Give her the phone I’ll talk..

Aashi : hello Maa..

Anjali : why baby sound soo angry.. Here your bhai is angry & there you..

Aashi : why is he angry? And on whom.. On me or on himself for acting so foolish.. (she say angrily)

Anjali : I understand aashi its his fault.. But its your responsiblity to show him right path right..?

Aashi : yes..

Anjali : So.. Talk to him & make him realise his mistake.. I’m sending him there ok..

Aashi : ok.. Love you Maa..

Anjali : love you too..

Aashi cut the call..

Aashi : let him come today I’ll teach him how to apologise.. ( she say giving killer looks )

Lavanya : looks like aarav is gone today..

Kushi : she’s gonna do nothing you see how he will convince her & make her agree to his point

Lavanya : did Arnav did same with Anjali di

Kushi nod yes..

La : that’s why he’s still so arrogant inspite having such sweet sister like her..

Both laugh at that thought..

After an hour..

Aarav & Arnav are seriously discussing about Aashi..

Aarav : I can’t think any more on this now.. I’ll straight away go & apologise to aashi that’s it

Arnav : apologise for what..? It was not your mistake..

Aarav : I know.. I’m apologising to just convince her not for those idiots..

Arnav : do you think she will agree so easily its not a good idea aarav..

Aarav : Damn these girls are too much..

Arnav : especially sisters..

Aarav : yes they think we brothers don’t know to behave ..

Arnav : but who will tell them this society need this kind of treatment only..

Aarav : yes they’re too innocent to understand this.. They just know to get angry on us..

Arnav : and guess what they don’t want sort this problem by talking the only solution to every argument is stop talking..

Aarav : really this silent treatment sucks..

Kushi : ( on call) these two will never learn di..

Anj : why what are they doing..

Kushi : these two are cursing their sisters antics..

Anj : aww.. Instead of convincing Aashi.. They’re doing this..

Kushi : wait I’ll make you hear their talks..

Kushi go & sit near them..

Arnav : now what champ..

Aarav : I can’t bear this silence.. I’ll go talk to her..

Arnav : look aarav she will be angry & will refuse to talk but you don’t give up.. Remember don’t get angry on those idiots infront of her.. Make sad face ok..

Aarav : ok

Arnav : she should feel bad for you.. Make the saddest face

Aarav : ok done..

Aarav leave..

Kushi : what are you teaching him ah? To act

Arnav : That’s what works.. Or else she will minimum ignore him for a week poor boy

Kushi : you used to do the same ah. ?

Arnav : haan you know how di is.. She neve… ( he stop.. ) get me some coffee..

Anjali feel bad as he stopped talking..

Aashi room..

Aarav : aashi I’m really sorry.. Now talk to me please

Aashi : sorry for what..?

Aarav : for both..

Aashi : both means..

Aarav : for hurting you & those idi.. Huh boys ( gritting his teeth)

Aashi : you won’t repeat it na..

Aarav : no mam.. Will you at least smile now

Aashi give big bright smile & hug him..

On phone

Kushi : you dont feel bad di.. Everything will get fine one day..

Anjali : its my mistake leave..

Kushi : he’s not angry on you di.. If you call him once he will forget everything & come to you

Anjali : I’ll call you later bye..

Hotel – Arnav is here to attend a meeting & coincedently shyam too have a meeting there..

Shyam is coming down the stairs talking on phone unaware of surroundings.. Arnav enter the hotel.. He hear a familiar voice..

Shyam : ( on call) I had my dinner.. Why would I lie.. God Rani sahiba..

The last phrase was enough it immediately striked his mind who it was..

Arnav : jijaji..!!

Arnav turn to see his jijaji.. Shyam is all engrossed in phone..

Shyam : ok I’ll call you later.. Ji ok teek hai. Ab rakhe phone..

As soon he hang the call & look up he find his Saale Saab standing infront of him.

Shyam : Arnav..

As soon as he takes his name.. Arnav engulf him into hug.. Shyam patted his back caressing him..

Pulling back from hug.. A lone tear drop from arnav’s eyes.. Shyam wipes it..

Shyam : what’s this..? Hum jaante hai aapki di aapko chote bulati hai par iska Matlab yeh nahi aap sach mein chote baccho ki tarah Rona shuru kar de.. ( I know your di calls you chote but that doesn’t mean you really start crying like a kid)

He joke to lighten the mood..

Precap : Arnav : di yahan hai.. Aur aarav..? ( is di here & aarav..?)

Shyam is quiet..

Arnav : please jijaji I want to see them once..

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