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And he kissed me os by by by………..RIYA

Hi guys remember me well maybe not i told you all that I’ll be back on 28th but my nano passed away and that’s why I was unable but this is a token of sorry please forgive me I’ll try to post my ffs latest episode soon
Suman felt the hot, sensuous kiss burn her right cheek. His lips embedding his mark, his right over her. She felt her heartbeat accelerate, as the new found ecstasy jolted throughout her body, making her aware of his proximity, his rugged stubble grazing from her cheek to her neck, his breath still lingering seconds longer there.
“Suman”, Shravan’s husky voice called out, causing her cheeks to flush a bright pink. She darted her eyes back and forth, a feeling of shyness overcame her and she couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eye.
“What happened, aren’t you going to prove that you can also do what I can?”
“Here’s your opportunity, show me what you’re made of Mrs. Suman Shravan malhotra.”
Shravan smirked seeing her creamy pink cheeks, knowing the effect he was having on her. So, just to tease her a bit more he left a mere feathery kiss on the crook of her neck, causing Suman to gasp and jump back, only to have herself pulled back flush against his hard chest, as she balanced her self by grabbing his bicep.
“I asked you something,” Shravan demanded.
“I…uh…um” Suman stammered, her thoughts hazed by his proximity.
“You what Suman?” Shravan asked again with a deep chuckle.
Hearing him chuckle brought Suman back from her trance as she looked up into his passionate honey colored eyes, only seeing his eyes fixated upon her, his gaze burning with intensity and dark desire.

For a second Suman gulped with fear but then retorted back with confidence, “Of course I can do what you can.”
“Then do what I did.” Shravan replied not missing a beat.
Suman inhaled a deep breath and slowly exhaled.
“Fine, I will, but, you’re going to have to close your eyes.” she said the last part in a shy rush.
Shravan raised his eyebrows smirking at her confidence yet shyness.
“Can you please not look at me like that?” Suman said flustered as Shravan’s gaze intensified on her, if that’s even possible.
This caused Shravan to let out a deep chuckle and Suman to heave out her annoyance at him enjoying her helplessness.
“Ok, but you are going to kiss me right?” he asked.
“Um…yes.” Suman said embarrassed.
Shravan grinned widely and closed his eyes awaiting her soft pink plump lips to be placed on his face.
Suman bit her bottom lip, thinking about the situation she got herself into. She looked up at Shravan’s face, seeing so much innocence and bliss, but then comparing him to the devil he actually is. How can someone have such a split personality, she thought to herself.

Suman noticed Shravan’s closed eyes seized this chance to make a run for it.
The moment Suman took one step back, her anklet chimed signaling Shravan that she was about to leave.
Excellent with his reflexes, Shravan grabbed Suman’s dupatta and hand, twirling her and pushing her up against the wall.
Suman gasped in surprise and let out a soft whimper as he pushed himself up against her, her chest heaving up and down, matched with his. She felt herself melting and molding herself into him as he made no attempt to step back and allow any space between them.
Shravan snaked his arm around her waist causing Suman to gasp again.
“You really need to stop gasping like that Suman” His hoarse voice came out, “and you running away was not a good move.”
Shravan looked at Suman predatorily, all sense leaving him, his eyes only fueled with desire, desire to have all of her.
“Shravan’” Suman’s voice quivered, her senses also arousing.
“Ssshhh,” He said huskily.
“I’m going to show you exactly what I can do Suman Shravan malhotra, and this time you will follow suit.”
Suman didn’t have time to register a single word Shravan uttered as his hard lips claimed her soft delicate ones, all thoughts of worry, embarrassment, and shyness flying out the window as she responded back, her arms clasping around his neck bringing his face closer to hers, as he wound both arms around her waist.

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