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Accidentally but u are my destiny (Promo)

Helo. Mat maro. So sorry. My exam is after 2 days. So just giving promo.
sence 1
sanskar is smoking in his room.the .He was about light another ciggret when some one held his hand.
~smoking is bad habit
“swara thom” sanskar ask
“better u save that money n give that to poor” swara advise him
~agee thom hari marze”
swara lights a cigarete

sence 2
“shona yeh keya pehna heh blue anarkali in business party… Are u mad” a voice
“so what… M scared to meet all”
“swara trust ur ragu” voice
“di i trust u not him.. Not my love…not my life n not on peoples

sence 3
“sanskar plz muje baksh do. After after all things now what u want” swara request
“swara what are u saying . M sorr…”sanskar tries to make her understand
“plz just go”

sence 4
“swara gadodiya oh that swara gododiya the papa’s bigdi whoi ladki. Impure girl. Smoker, alc
leave that so now ms. swara gododiya is the owner of gododiya industry” a man coment
” nahi mr sharma not ms. Mrs swara not only the owner of gadodiya industry but also the owner of…..

Keep gussing
i will be back after my exam.
stay happy.

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