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Abhigya(OS) -Love can change everything

Hi guys suhani here.I tried to write an os on abhigya.So support me.A very big sorry for not commenting in the ff’s.I am writing my comment here;
Haritha di awesome as always.Aliya is mr x hmm.Interesting.
Moni di i am in love with your stories.Keep writing always.DON’T stop writing
Trisha di;awesome. Update next part fastly(kambaqt ishq)
Saranya di;Missing your ff
Prathi di;Awesome give more and more wonderful shots
Maya di;Don’t stop writing ff or os.WE love them a lot
Chotu(asmitaa);Update da waiting
Surbhi;I am going to miss game of destiny but eagerly waiting for story of faith..
STUPid star akshaya;Awesome you write romantic ones really well?
IF i have missed anyone i’m really sorry.Everyone is doing a good job
And all the new writers keep writing always.Wonderful stories.EVERYone is writing differently and they are wonderful

One boy is shown who is sitting on a mountain and writing a letter
I am abhishek prem mehra the successful businessman whom everyone adore and consider as an inspiration but the real abhishek is 0.I have no one everyone think i am living a happy life but i am just living for the sake of my dadi who left me a few days back.God gave me money,fame everything but he don’t give any closed ones whom i can share my sadness and happiness.I missed my mom’s lap when i was few years,then i missed my dad’s inspiration for achieving something,then my love of the live who is not found nor present anywhere to express my happiness or grief,give me a bone crushing hug.God don’t want to see me happy that is why i am going to god and question him for snatching my happiness.Confused right ok i am going to end my life in a few minutes.The person who reads this letter just throw it as i have no one.This letter is just to express my feelings.

Saying this he was about to jump from the mountain when he saw a girl wearing glasses,Torn jeans and a crop top.She waS looking damn cool.She was talking something to god
God ji why do you hate me so much.I have everyone but still i am failure.I hate myself so much.My parents are the best parents but why did you give me as their daughter.I am going to free my parents from this burden.Saying this she…Abhi thought she was going to jump but what she did shocked him.She took a paper from her pocket and started reading it aloud.Giving bulbul her straightner-check,submitting assignment-check,Giving warden money-check,Giving saira her notes-checketc.Abhi smiled seeing her carry a todo list before dieing.
Saying this she turned and saw abhi and started walking towards him.

Girl;What are u doing here?are you trying to kill yourself?Why do you want to do it?She started speaking continuously without giving abhi a chance to speak.Abhi did not understand what to do and pressed her nose.She stopped abruptly.
Abhi;God how much do you speak.By the way what is your name?Pragya signalled her nose and abhi pressed it.
Pragya;I am chashmish(with a smile)

Abhi smiled back and said so i am a rockstar(with attitude)
Pragya smiled and asked him a reason for dying they both shared their thoughts about suicide.
Pragya;hmm so both us want to die.But what is your last wish?If we don’t fulfill our wish we will be a ghost.And i am scared of ghosts(she made a cute pout)Note;ABHIGYA DON’T KNOW THEIR REAL NAMES.

Abhi;I want to experience love.What is your last wish?
Pragya;I don’t have any last wishes.I fulfilled all my wishes before i die as i don’t want to be a ghost.Let’s do a thing let us fulfill your last wish
Pragya;;Simple think i am your love for a day enjoy your day with me.
Abhi smiled and nodded.
Pragya;So what you want to do we have only one day
Abhi;HMM WE will enjoy.
Abhigya;ok and started walking hand in hand.
First abhi took her to his house
Abhi;chashmish cook something for me please.I want to eat it from your hand as my mom never feeded me.

Pragya nodded and cooked some breakfast.SHE placed everything on the dining table and started feeding abhi.After while tears roll down abhi’s eyes and pragya was shocked to see that.
Pragya;Rockstar why are you crying?Is it too spicy?
Abhi;No chashmish.No one feeded me like this thanks for this moment.(HUGGED HER)
pRAGYA;hugged him back)I want my cool rockstar back not senti-menti rockstar
Abhi smiled.

After sometime abhigya was watching movie abhi was sitting on the sofa and pragya beside him keeping her head on his chest.ABHI SUGGEsted them to have lunch and asked pragya to get ready.
Pragya;But what should i wear.I Don’t have any dresses
Abhi;Waiting a minute.He went upstairs and grabbed a beautiful pink colour saree
Pragya;What are you doing with sari ar you going to wear it(laughed)
Abhi;No i wanted to give this sari to the love of my life but since you are my love wear it
Pragya;Thanks rockstar.
Abhi nodded.

About an hour was spent and pragya did not return yet.He went towards her room to check if everything was fine.Pragya was there trying to tie the knot of her dori
Abhi;Shall i help you?
Pragya;NO i can manage
Abhi;we are going for lunch not for dinner.You are getting ready since an hour pls let me help you.
Pragya nodded and turned back.Abhi was tieing her dori but by mistake abhi finger touched her back and pragya closed her eyes.Abhi saw this through mirror and grinned.
aBHI;Common chashmish.Lets leave.
Pragya nodded and they were travelling since a hour.
Pragya;rockstar where are we going?
Abhi;patience chashmish

ABI;WE REACHED(AFTER 30 mins)now close your eyes
Pragya closed her eyes and started walking.After a while she opened her eyes and was shocked.They were on a cruise which is decorated nicely and with romantic music
Abhi;come chashmish
They both had dinner.Then abhi asked pragya for dance and she nodded.They both danced very closely(imagine some close dance of abhigya)

As the time was passing they were scared to leave ech othr.The entire day was spent and at the evening pragya asked abhi for scuba diving and they had wonderful time chilling in the cold water.
Abhi bought pragya to his farm house.abhi holded pragya’s hand and started speaking
Abhi;Thanks chashmish for making me happy.
Pragya;Thanks rockstar even i enjoyed.I am going to enjoy it throughout my life.OOPS we are going to be dead tomorrow.
Abhi;chashmish i want one more favour from you.
Pragya was tensed seeing him nervous;What
abhi;wOH i never kissed anyone so can i
pragya;what?you want to kiss but why
Abhi;Chashmish i am not married so i never had a kiss filled with love.And as you are my love you should allow me.Please chashmish or else we will be ghost even i am scared of ghosts.
abhi;pLease chashmish
Pragya;OK.Saying this they both kissed each other but things go beyond a kiss(pls understand can’t write)
Abhigya wake up and was feeling shy and guilty of their previous night interaction.They started moving towards the suicide spot for their plan.
Abhi;Thanks for the wonderful night chashmish(Kissed her)
Pragya;Thanks rockstar(hugs him)

They stayed in each other’s arms then pragya started speaking
Pragya;Please Don’t die in front of me i can’t bear it
Abhi;Even i was saying the same thing
Saying this they started walking in opposite direction.

After 1 yr;
Abhigya did not commit suicide as they were madly in love with each other and tried a lot to find each other but since they dont know their actual names.They never met each other after that day.So in these 1 yr abhi stoppedgoing to office and stayed in home thinking of dadi and his chashmish.HE ONLY Goes for some important meeting.
One day nikitha abhi’s manager called him;
Nikitha;Sir we need your signs for few documents(note;Nikitha is not pragya)
Abhi;Send someone
Nikitha;Ok sir i will send it with the receptionist
aFter abhi had breakfast receptionist came and abhi was shocked to see her.She was none other than chashmish.

They both hugged each other.(Note;they were in abhi’s room)
Abhi started to kiss her forehead,cheek,eyes and neck.Lastly lips.(AFTER that you know)

After about 9 hrs;
Abhigya woke up;
abhi;chashmish where did you go?I searched for you everywhere but i could not find you.And you are working in my company.Why you did not say your name is pragya?i heard your name so many times.
Pragya;Even i searched for you but what do i know that you are the kadoos abhishek prem mehra.
Pragya;ha kadoos why you did not come to office if you would have come we would have met earlier na(with a pout)
Abhi;hmm so want to know what a kadoos does(bit her on her neck)
Pragya;aww u animal.(threw a pillow)
Abhi;chashmish you did not say love you to me
Pragya;Why should i say i won’t say.You only say even you love me na
Abhi;But i want to hear it from you(he made a cute pout)
pRAGYA(SMILED and kissed his pout)I love you kadoos abhishek mehra and will always love you
Abhi;I love you more than this universe pragya abhishek mehra and will always do.

…………..?????happy ending???????

Just a situation changed their entire life.Sorry to bore you

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