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Abhigya and Ishveer Vs Nature intro and teaser

Hi guys this is Monesha again came with new ff. I hope you all are fine. Now coming to the intro and teaser.


NEIL- scientist, friend of ajay and Harshad , husband of ragini and father of Tanushree, Ranveer and Pragya

RAGINI- great doctor, hard working lady, wife of neil and mother of tanushree, Ranveer and Pragya.

TANUSHREE- she is the elder one, working in rishi company, some what strict girl. Loves her parents and her chotu Ranveer and choti Pragya.

RANVEER- very naughty boy, 18 years old, best friend of abhi and Ishani, second son, love ishani( didn’t realise still), lover his di tanu and his choti Pragya.

PRAGYA- 17 years old girl, naughty girl but not more than her bhai Ranveer, younger one, best friend of Ishani and abhi, loves her bhai Rv and her di tanu and her parents. She realised his bhai’s love and try to make her bhai and her friend to unite.

HARSHAD- scientist, friend of Neil and Ajay husband of falguni, father of Rk and Ishani.

FALGUNI- wife of Harshad, working in medical department, hard working lady and mother of Rk and Ishani.

RK- great buisness man, partner of rishi, loves his wife madhu And importantly love his small choti Ishani and her parents.

MADHU- cute and caring wife and bhabhi for Rk and Ishani. She loves her family and Ishani. She is fashion designer.

ISHANI- 17 years old girl, naughty girl, Best friend of Pragya, Ranveer and Abhi. She loves her bhai, bhabhi and family so much.

AJAY- scientist, friend of Neil and Harshad, husband of priya, father of rishi and abhi.

PRIYA- working in medical department, wife of ajay, mother of rishi and abhi, hard working lady.

RISHI- elder brother of abhi, buisness partners of rk, loves his younger brother and his family and love tanushree one side.

ABHI- 18 years old boy, very naughty boy, friend of Ranveer, Pragya and Ishani. Younger one. Love his brother and his family.

TANU AND RITIKA- both always goes behind abhi and Rv, hate Ishani and Pragya,

CHIRANG- love ishani so much. Trying to make her as his.

NIKHIL- love Pragya so much. Trying to make her as his.

Other characters will be introduced in episode. Plz guys say me whether you all liked then only i can continue.


( guys plz imagine)

IMAGINE- One beautiful forest is showing, birds are signing beautiful, leaves are dancing, sea was looking beautiful, water falls are looking amazing…….

VOICE- this all only Nature? No this is one side of nature. Another side of nature is…

IMAGINE- Volcano is bursting, flood, earth quake, Tsunami, cyclones, storm, falling of meteorite stones.

VOICE-this is also Nature. Let see what type of nature Abhigya and ishveer going face.


Ok guys i will continue this if you all like this. Sorry if i done any mistake. Love you all……


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