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Abhigya and Ishveer Vs Nature episode 2

Hi guys i am really sorry for my late update. Belated Happy Diwali to every one ???. Now coming to the story,

Episode starts with all shocking face.
Person- that means we are going to destroy by nature.
Neil, yes but not soon it will take step by step.
Person, what you mean sir I couldn’t understand.
Harshad, to make you understand Nature attack was like fim.
Ajay, first it will show teaser, then it will show trailer and finally it will show the main picture.

Neil, when it show main picture then we cannot escape from that. We should find out the solution for that we need to think.
All the one discussed about this matter.

Screen shifts to Pragya and RV house
Both pairs were sharing eye lock. Tanushree came and shocked to see All
Tanushree, omg what happened you all are ok?
All the one came back to sense and got up. All nodded yes.
Tanushree, you both will never do the work correctly?
Pragya and RV looked each other and says
Pragya and RV, sorry di
Tanushree have stern look and went inside.
Abhi, omg bhabhi is very angry bird
Pragya, Ishani and rv was shocked and says – bhabhi????
Abhi, yes I have to talk about this to you all. Come outside.
All the one came outside same time tanu, Nikhil, rithika, and chirang came
All the one says hi to eachother.
Tanu, where you all re going

Rv, nothing special want to arrange evening party so only.
Ishani came to rv and said in low voice.
Ishani, hey what you said was true? If true means why you said this to her. I never like her.
Rv, why what happened?
Ishani, she is characterless girl. I never ever like her.
Ritika, what you all are talking.
Abhi, nothing if you all want you all can also join with us.
Pragya and Ishani was hell shocked.

Pragya, Abhi…….. (Shouts)
All the one jerk and turned to see.
Pragya realised what she done and says sorry.
Rv, choti you didn’t like them.
Pragya nodded
Rv, then ok they can join with us.
Pragya, bhai… You are a dash. You had no affection on me. Go to hell.
Rv smiled.
Ishani, why you are always making her irritate.
Rv, hey she is my choti so I am irritating her. I really loved to do that. But it is not mean that I have no affection. But after marriage confirm I will leave her and make irritate my wife.
Ishani, you are impossible. Just go to hell.
She too went begin Pragya.
Nikhil and chirang tried to go behind them but it was stopped by rabhi.
Rabhi, come we can go and arrange for party.
All nodded. Abhi, rv, Nikhil, chirang, Ritika and Tanu were arranging and decorating.
Ishani and Pragya were boiling in anger.
Rv and Abhi noticed that and came to them.
Ishani, why you both came?
Abhi, come and do the work. We all alone doing.

Pragya, just send them then we will come.
Rv, why are you jealous of their work.
Ishani burst out, shut up just go from this place.
Abhi and rv looks eachother. Abhi drags Pragya and RV drags Ishani.
Nikhil and chirang was very happy. They came to Ishani and Pragya.
Nikhil, lets do the work together.
Ishani, yes we can but I am going to separate. Chirang and Ritika, Nikhil and Tanu, Abhi and Pragya.
Pragya, what I will not do work with Abhi
Abhi, why? What I have done
Pragya, i won’t say. Ishani plz change me.
Ishani, no way if you are my friend go.

Rv, then you and I have to do the work.
Ishani, what??? You… No way. Pragya we can change
Pragya, ok… Wait a minute no I will work with Abhi itself. Bye.
Rv, come fast we have to start our work.
Pragya(thinks), thank God now bhai and Ishani had a chance to realise their love.
Abhi, come fast lazy girl.
Pragya, God save me from this torcher (herself), coming… (Shouts)
All done their work properly.
It was evening time. All the one came from the work.
Rk came to Ishani and closed her eyes
Ishani smiles and says bhai
Rk, wow choti you found me
Ishani, yes that is Ishani. You are my lovely bhai
Rk, thank you. Did you ate food
Ishani, omg you start to ask me I done everything even I ate my food properly.
Rk smiles. Madhu came to them.
Madhu, You both will never change. Party is going to happen go and get ready.
Both nodded and went Madhu smiled.
Pragya came to her and says hi di.
Madhu, hi Pragya how are you
Pragya, fine di.
Madhu, where is your bhai.
Pragya, I am not having any bhai.
Madhu, why what happened? Agai you both fought.
Pragya, that is common di leave that. All the brother and sister will be not same as others. Ok I will get ready mom and then I will come. Madhu nodded.
Madhu(thinks), you will understand soon Pragya about your bhai.
Here Abhi and rv got ready. All the one started to come.
Tanushree called Pragya and Ishani. Both came. She gave saree to them.
Pragya, but di we don’t know to wear this.
Ishani, yes di. We don’t know to wear.
Tanushree, it’s ok I will help you.
She made them to wear saree. Pragya wears black saree. Sleeveless hand. Ishani wears yellow saree sleeveless hand. They both looks gorgeous.
Tanu and Ritika came. They wears modern dress upto knees. They too looks so cute.
Abhi, rv wait I will see my bhai and come

Rv, ok Abhi. Then that time you comes to say that your bhai is in love with di right.
Abhi, yes but how do you know.
Rv, come on Abhi. I am your friend. When you said bhabhi that time itself I understood.
Abhi smiles and says ok I will come back soon.
He went to his and his bhai room and was shocked to see full of dress.
Abhi, bhai what are you doing.
Rishi, thank God you came. Plzake me to wear some dress.
Abhi, chee I am not like that boys.
Rishi, shut up idiot. I want to search help me.
Abhi took one dress and gave to him

Rishi, wow my chotu is really clever it was so nice. Where you got it.
Abhi, it is in front of you bhai but you didn’t noticed it.
Rishi gave oops reaction and say ok go I will come fast.
Abhi smiles and went. All the one came. Tanushree stood near Rishi which makes him happy.
Soon Pragya and Ishani too came Abhi and rv was mesmerized by seeing them in saree.
Party started they cutted the cake. All enjoyed the party.
Tanu and Ritika was boiling in anger as Abhi, Nikhil, rv and chirang was looking only Pragya and Ishani. Soon party was over. All the guest started to disappear.
Neil and Ragini went inside the room.
Pragya and Ishani looks eachother and talked with their eyes. They both nodded happily. They went inside and changed their clothes to night pant and shirt.
Here Abhi and rv was talking.
Soon Pragya and Ishani came.
Pragya, come we can go
Rv and Abhi – where???
Ishani, to hell come. They both dragged them and went inside the forest.
There is a board NO ENTRY
One hole is there Pragya and Ishani made them to get inside the hole and came inside the forest.
Abhi, rv this both trying to kill us. I will not come.
Pragya, just shut up Abhi. If anyone came then we are that’s all so plz be quiet.
Rv, but see no entry board was there. That to entry of the forest is that side but we came illegally.
Pragya and Ishani plz don’t talk.
Rv, can you say why you are making us to come.
Pragya, bhai plz be silent
They walked for 4 hour.
Abhi, omg…. whether You both are making as too walk.
Rv, yes Abhi confirm we are going walking. Morning only we should go not now.
Ishani, omg….. Shut up idiots. Pragya how much we should go.
Pragya, I am also coming with you only right. How do I know.
Abhi and rv couldn’t understand.

Ishani, Pragya I think it is not true.
Pragya, wait first we can go to that place then we can decide it is true or not.
Rv, omg…. I think my heard will burst. I really don’t know what you both talking.
Pragya, wait bhai no one knows that this forest has some special. But we know about that. We don’t know it is true or not but just trying.
Abhi, hey are you mad this will be fake. What book is that and how you both got it.
Ishani, book means it is not book. Some one wrote that.
Rv, how did you….
Pragya, found the way come this side.
All the one went that side. But there is nothing in that.
Abhi, see nothing. Now what happened. We walked for four hours in this forest but couldn’t find anything. Actually what you both searched.
Pragya was about to say then see saw one dot of light.

Pragya, see there some thing is there like dot.
Rv, omg it is tiger.
Abhi came and hugs rv. He too hugs him.
Rv, we are going to die.
Ishani, stop your drama first and come.
All the one went. Pragya touched that dot of light coming from. Suddenly her hand went inside.
All understood that it was full of plant.
Abhi and RV was shocked bcoz of the light came from there.
They just opened it and stood like statue.
Abhi and rv, wooooow…… Is this true?
Pragya and Ishani, yes this is true.
It was a wonderful cave. They looked inside. outside is small but inside is big. They felt like in a dream land.
Pragya, come we can go
Rv, no choti now it’s already 3.00 am tomorrow we can come earlier then we can go.
Ishani, yes rv is correct come we can go to house.
Pragya nodded.
All the one walked. Ishani looked up and asked
Ishani, what is that? Is that fire works?
All the one looked up
Abhi, omg….. It is meteorite stone. Run…..
All the one run and it falls

Rabhi and ishgya falls on floor. Rv and Abhi got wound by saving ishgya.
The stone calm down. It loses its fire.
All the one got up.
Pragya(shock), this is very small stone but it is very powerful.
Ishani, yes and this place is very dangerous. Come we can go.
Rv, wait a minute. We can take that stone.
Ishani, have you gone mad it lose fire but not heat.
Pragya, Ishani is correct. It is impossible
Abhi, no nothing is impossible bcoz the word itself says (i m possible)
Saying this he removed his shirt. Rv too removed his shirt.
They took the stone and started to walk.
Screen freezes.

Guys romantic scenes and Natural scenes will come in upcoming episodes. And I will try my best to make it as interest. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I didn’t reply to anyone sorry but here after it will not happen. Confirm I will reply to everyone even it delays. Love you all.

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