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A Twinj love story of betrayal , love and obsession (prologue )

Hey guys I am continuing my previous ff but I am starting new ff also …


Its raining heavily . A man(man 1 ) is seen running on road with a 6 months baby in his hands . Hs reaches to a house and knocks at the door . Another man (man 2 ) opens the door .
Man 2 (smiles ) u here???
Man 1 – I am here to give u my baby …
Man 2 – but why ????
Man 1 – I think so u know the reason …
Man 2 understood about the reason behind this and takes the baby from his hand .
Man 1 – Take this letter also (forwards a letter to him ) . Give to my son (means baby ) when he will be of 23 years .
Man 2 – ok …

Saying this man 1 left from there .


So guys how was it . If u liked then plz suggest other readers also read this story .

This story will have 4 stages
1. Love – it will show love story btw twinj .
2. Revenge – kunj will take revenge from twinky then twinky will take revenge from kunj .
3 . Betrayal – one of them will be betray other.
4. Obession – the entry of new character a obsessive lover.

So guys plz comment . . The future of this story depends upon ur comments .

So its a bye from me .

Next update on tuesday .

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