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A token of Appreciation for edkv ffs’ writers (ek duje ke vaaste) ff analysis

hello everyone i m Rukhsar…..lot of u might know me as Naina and lot of u might have forgotten me as i was not here from many days but what to do
everyone knows that as my school has started so i am very busy and being a senior i have lots of stuff to do….but finally i got some free time today
Thank God for that…. so i decided that instead of going to each n every epi and comment i should just present all of u a token of appreciation…..
i know u guys are very depressed with edkv end so am i…..i miss edkv a lot but i m glad that our sweet little family is still together so now coming to the
A desire of star to get moon-by angel pari: Ur ff is amazing pari i just can’t wait for it plz try to post it soon for me dear plz and yeah plz don’t stop it
otherwise phone bahar nikal k maron gi….

Rich or poor, Love knows nothing-by anushika: its wonderful anu…their cute fights and romance is lovely…specially i love the title of ur ff rich or poor it
doesn’t matter…keep it up

Childhood hatred-by ayeshu: ur ff is really nice i really love the story line that how suman insulted shravan and how he became successful bcz of that insult…
but i wanna know what happened to sumo’s family they were quite rich then why all of a sudden she had to do job and that too of a secretary???but yeah ur ff is
amazing so keep it up like this….

Mujhse fraandship karoge-by nikita: niki dear ur ff is way better than the movie…i have watched the movie it was nice but ur dialogues but better than the movie

Storm of the bruised hearts-by ariana: hey aru happy to see u back ur ff is really cute i mean the flashbacks parts where shr and sumo fight on the bathroom and
sumo started his biology lecture that part was amazing i love it i was laughing so hard at that time bcz me and my brother also do the same thing…

The beautiful days of my life-by ufaaq: ufaaq u r amazing yaar what a great ff u know more than romance i like the cute nok jhok b/w shraman plz continue like this

My heart beats for u-by loga and megan: its amazing the way u balance b/w past and future i like it….i really enjoy ur writing and i m waiting for ur next epi plz
post asap……

I am mad for u-by pretty preeti: thats not fair preeti itny jaldi ff end kar diya i was having so much fun reading it chalo koi nahi jo ho gya so ho gaya but plz be
back with a new ff i’ll wait for u….. and yeah the ending was really nice i loved the way u showed how love wins over all difficulties….

Noise of the past:by (batany ki zaroorat ha kya…everyone knows the writer my fav and dearest emotions queen) niyati aka WS: dear i m really sorry i know i again
hurted u by not commenting but i m glad that u care about me and understand me and dear i wanna say that ur ff is as usual out of the world just outstanding but i
wanna ask u one thing when r u going to bring shr back i wanna see his scene also so plz bring him back soon and rest it up to u i just want u to continue

When life gives u 100 reasons to cry…….- by Zuha Fatima: u story is amazing dear plz post soon i really loved it i m waiting for it

One night that lighted my life-by WS: wow wow wow amazing dear i just loved it the way u showed how much shravan cares for sumo how he starting loving her at first
sight and then left her just for her benefit bcz he doesn’t wanna hurt her……..

Hero and Heroine-by ufaaq: i have no words for it…i m speechless i sometimes feels very bad that u guys do so much for our entertainment and i can’t comment on ur
ff so sorry for that and this two shots were wonderful i enjoyed it alottttttttttttttttttt………..

Shraman Os:his voice-by Maria: the promo seems very interesting…..plz post soon i m waiting for it…..

The Diaries-Our life Saviour-by Anshita: welcome anshita to edkv family…ur ff is really amazing….the best thing i like about ur story is that i also have a
personal diary and no one knows about it i always keep it hidden one time i lost it and i was so worried just the way shraman was but then i found it under my bed
so i can relate my hobby of writing diary with this story so thats the reason i like it plz do continue like this….

Ek duje ke vaaste season 1 continued-by trips: i really loved it when i was reading it the fbs of edkv were coming to my mind and i was really missing it but the way
u carried edkv further as a fan fiction i loved it plz post asap….

Kaun tujhy yun pyaar karega jaise main karti hoon-by fatarajo: hi farin finally u r back i m glad to see ur ff and it story is really different from the previous one
i m eagerly waiting for this……try to post soon dear don’t make wait…..

Hum tum aur shraman-by pretty preeti:ur three shorts opps two shots were mindblowing and still one shot is left so kis ka wait ha jaldi post karo na…..

A beautiful journey with cherishing moments-by anushika: anu it mindblowing i enjoyed reading it….and i don’t want u to end any one of these plzzzzzzzzzz

and maro i miss u alot yarr plz be back soon i m waiting for u ff for so long ……..
so Guys i think i have presented my views on each n every ff i forget someone then plz frogive me bara wala sorry ma ne badaam khany chor diye ha na is liye bhool jati
hoon and i wanna tell u all that i might not be able to comment again but i still i read each n every ff of urs and u guys have became an imp part of my life whenever
i am upset i read the ffs and all my stress, worries and tensions just fly away…..thanks for posting such amazing ffs…..i love u all alot if u guys wanna talk with
me u can msg me in the inbox i will surely reply to u all…. i may be back on friday bcz that will be a half day from school so i’ll try to comment on the ffs till
then take care of urself and focus on ur studies also byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

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