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I don’t know what happened to this website, I had wrote the whole character sketch but it dint got uploaded…
So writing a new one… If it gets uploaded, please do read it once so that you all don’t miss anything. So here we go with the character sketch:
SWARA SHEKHAWAT: Owner of MAARVI, the best cosmetic company of India. A very arrogant girl. Loves her one n only brother Lakshya and best friend Shantanu. Have a very bitter past.
LAKSHYA SHEKHAWAT: Brother of swara. Loves her a lot. Only knows that she has a bitter past but doesn’t knows what is it.

SHANTANU SHARMA: Best friend of swara. Loves her a lot but only in terms of friendship. One n only person knowing the bitter past of swara. Always supports her.( You can imagine Shantanu Maheshwari as shantanu sharma)
VRUSHIKA KAPOOR: A sweet girl. Knows about swara but doesn’t knows about her bitter past. Loves Shantanu a lot. Fiancé of Shantanu.( you can imagine Vrushika Mehta as Vrushika Kapoor)

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI: A businessman, but a happy-go-lucky. He is a bit strict for his employees, but a sweet man at heart.
RAGINI ROY: Rakhi sister of sanskar. Loves him a lot. A sweet, careless girl. She is full modern and very much fond of make up cosmetics, designer clothes and much more.
VK: The best singer of India. No one knows his full name. He is just known as VK all over the country. Have a bitter past whom no one knows.( you can imagine Vivian dsena as vk)

MEHER VK: Wife of vk. One n only person who knows vk’ s past. A sweet and caring wife. ( you can imagine drashti dhami as Meher vk)
KAIRA VK: One n only daughter of vk and meher. One year old.

So guys here I m done with the character sketch. Hope you all like it. As far as I know I had wrote everything again….
Hope you all like it…

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