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A story starts with Game~Chapter 2

Hiii frnds thankkkkk u soooo muchhhh for all ur love n support n thanks to silent reader i never thought u will love my 2 ff this much n i want to ask u all now i m very cnfused about the pairs i thought it to b ragsan n swalak now i m littl bit confused cause its contain a big mystery related to swasan too so now once again the pairs will b mystry n disclosed at my last 10 episode till then sorry for not replying to any1 n thank u now back to chappy….


“Dark phase”

The episode starts with swara who just come home n directly goes into her room n lock herself n take out something from under a bed… her eyes become moist

Swa: u knw what today i fulfilled ur dream yes yes ur shona selected for senior post (she cries seeing a pic) i knw u alwys want me to become a cop or officer n today i got it u knw they even asked me why i want to chose this feild i just simply said “bcz someone special said that when u will do something good n sacrifice anything for another person u will get peace “(she chocked)..  just for peace… i want it….i want it … I want it(she shouts) i m dying each n every movement when i see those worst nightmares they scared me they shttered me i cried i cried loud buy no one listen…. Then….. when i closed my eyes (she closes her eyes)” never loose hope u shona never ever cry just see into ur eyes n says i will never loose..” these words Eco’s in my head n i …. But i promise u one more thing i will find him n make him pay too thats my promise to u she said wid determination

She hide the photo again under the bed n goes downstairs n takes out food n sit on table n silently eat it she remebers

” shona eat slowly u wil chocked… I said u na look move i will make u feed … Yes yes baba love u 2 n i promise i will always feed u like this shona promise”

She hears these words n comes to reality

She shed a tear n silently eats n sees door open n a lady of 50s come in bengali saree( she is our shomi) she hurriedly wipes her tears n goes to shomi n says

Swa:maaa.. u knw……

Shomi:swara i m tired i will talk tonu later she said strictly

Swa: i knw u dnt have a single min for ur name sake daughter but i just want to tell u that i have been selected for an officer post so now i can take my responsibility so u n baba dnt have to take my any responsibility now i freed u frm ur burden (she said in serious tone)

Shomi shouts:swaraaaaa taking responsibility of a children is the duty of parents not a burden she angrly says

Swa: yes u r right maa but  giving love to ur children is also a duty of  parents na then y should u not fulfil that  (she coldly says )

Shomi:i m  not intrested in giving u any answers( she rudely say n leaves from their leaving a emotionless swara)

Shomi goes in her room n collapsed on the floor n cries

Shomi: i cant forgive u… Sorry… i cant forgive u what u had done i cant forget it she cries

Scene shift

“At happy home”

Granny: ragu beta come here

Rag:yes granny do u need anything

Granny: yes

Rag: what tell me i can get anything for u she assurely smiles

Grany: ur peace

She stops smiling n looks at granny

Rag:granny (she look asumed)

Granny: dnt look at me like this go n bring some grocery otherwise everyone will start shouting for food n u will get mad she smiles

Rags takes a sign of relief n fakes smiles n goes

Scene shift

Sanskar is driving his car in full speed n talking in phone……. A young aged boy is crossing road….. He did not see him n about to hit that man but stopped his car at a nick of tym in a jreked n the boy fell down n had scratches….. Sanskar come out from his car in full rage

San:what the hell u think of urself… Dnt u get any other car for dying

Boy stands up with difficulty n says” i m sorry i did nt see ur car is coming (he apologize)

San:ohhhh really i knw very well ur type of lower n middle class person who act like hurting just for money he mocked n take out a bundle of money n throw it on him

Boy gets angry with his act he starts picks  up the money

Sanskar smirks n says look i knw that is u want n…. Before he could complete boy takes his hand n gives him money

Boy: u r right that we r lower n middle class but we earn our own money with our day n night hardwork we did not need a rich spoil brat money to waste on ourself got it ?n keep ur money wid u hope so in future u need it ( he coldly says)

Sanskar get super angry n says : how dare u bl**dy cheap cheap n about to hit him but the boy hold it n his face his revealed its our laksh

Lak: dnt u try…. (He said calmly) i knw that ny words hurt ur ego but its necessary to tell u that we all r not at all weak ( he slowly leaves sanky hands) sorry for my this behaviour (he said apology singly) n i think u dnt need to waste ur precious tym doing arguments n showing ur power infront of me

San smirks n says: i think u r right( n poit his index finger) i will see u later

Lak:pleasure all mines sir laksh smiles
Sanky goes glaring laksh

This all scenario is watched by our ragini who record it in her handy

Rag to herself: how selfish n egoistic man he was first he talks on phne while driving n scnd after hitting that boy he is not even saying sorry… Must say such a pure heart was this boy who said sorry n also mocked at him in such a sweet manner n taht man such a brat he was showing his power na  now i will show mine n sees laksh is struggling to walk n goes to him

Rag:excuse me


Rag:may i help u

Lak:no thanks i will manage n struggles to walk… Rags goes n hold his hand n make him stand n begins to walk while holding him

Lak:hey i m ok i can go by myself

Rag:i m not asking u i m doing this for the sake of humanity i see u when that egoistic man hit u instead of him u r apologysing u r kind man n many of few live in this country like u… So tell me where were u live i will drop u
Lak: well thanks but no thanks i dnt depend on anyone i will go now by myself u can go now ( he stops n said clamly)

Rag:hmm self-centered man not bad ok i will not force u anyways my name is ragini n u.( she smiles)

Lak(smiles): my name is laksh nyx to meet u n thanks for helping

Rag:ur welcme laksh btw nyx name anyways see u soon by (she smiles n goes taking grocery) n says to herself” mr spoil brat now u r my target to reach my goal n sees her camera n leaves

Laksh reached his home n struggles to walk n about to fall but sujata hold him n ask what happend

Lak:vo actually someone hit me n i got some small scratches

Suj:u sit i will bring ointment n hurriedly goes n about to aply when ram comes

Rp: what happened to u y u got these scratches

Suj:jii he got hit by car

Rp eyed him n says to laksh: but what r u doing here at this tym u goes to cafe na for working then he asked

Lak:i left the job

Rp shocked:whatttt but y

Laksh then tells him everything what happened

Rp shouts: self respect self respect u n ur respect what about us han dnt forget we give u shelter n food but u just want to rest n enjoy n want me to work haaan ?

Lak:no baba i js….

Rp:shut up dnt call me baba did u knw how much expensive has been increased but u always left ur job just for silly reasons…. Now go n find a new job or otherwise leave the house n u will not get food for today

Suj:jiii ointment

Rp goes n snatch the tube from sujata hands n throws

Rp:he is not a kid who need aid go n find n dnt enter without finding a job

Lak:baba i cant walk (helplessly)

Rp:i said na go n find otherwise forget to live here n push him outside the house n slamp yhe door on his face

Laksh cries holding a door n shouts to open but at the end goes from their helplessly ??

Scene shift

Sanskar comes his home in full anger

Ap n dp sees him n ask him what happened

San:that cheap boy what he think of himself he insulted me infront of everyone i will ruin him for sure (he shouts)

Ap pats his shoulder n says calm down n tell what happened

Sanskar tells them everything

Ap:beta sanskar he is a nyc boy thats y he apologized to u u should not say like that to him (she calmly)

San: no maa u r so inocent that u feel like this i knw he wants money thats y he behave like this u dnt knw these people in 1 meeting they make their impression like this on secnd they show their true colora

Ap:but beta…..

Dp:annu i think sanskar is right u r incnt u dnt knw these people who can go to any extent just for money ( he remeber some flashes) but beta u dnt need to b angry we will see him later first go n get fresh

Sanky nods n goes

Scene shift to a big place

” dnt b nervous just close ur eyes n imagine the thing u hate the most then kick him right left n laughs wickedly hahhahaahah” said ragini to her boss who asked did she is nervous

Boss:whats that

Rag:this is  golden words which make my nervousness gone ( that tym i laughed but now it really works she said in her mind)

Boss: hmm not bad ms. Ragini u have all qualities but u have to give us a proof like video or article like journalist do… Do u have???

Rags smiles wickedly: yes sir i have n shows the video of sanky which she made… She dont knw his name but she give n said that “an egoistic man throws money on a slave n shows his power infront of world”

Boss got shocked n says do u knw him

Rags nods yes n says: a egoistic man who did not see anything infront of his money fame n power

Boss: u r appointed ms ragini


Boss smiles n says:yesss

Ragini leaves the cabin hapily(like after many years she smiles from heart)

Boss dials a no n inform this to someone

Scene shift #isolated place

A man about 50s is resting on couch n someone knocks the door


Man2 comes. N says:sirrr n shows him something

Man smiles evily : now its high time to start game n smirked evily

Man2 also smirked evily

Man:when i will realising

Man2:after 2 days

Man: bring some wine to celebrate this i want to enjoy this 2 days here to the fullest

Man2 smiles n goes

Man:now once again u all have to pay now its high time to b back he evily laughssss

An evil tune plays

To b continued


Guyz plz tell me u r liking it or not plzzz ???
Fizo? keep smiling n tc

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