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a new swasan ff on current track (episode 1)

Hello everyone! I am ashka. I was a silent reader till now but just got a piece of idea on swasan our cutest couple. The current track is making me to bore to watch it out. So i just got my piece of imagination. Hope u like it. And if u like it pls tell me i will cntnue and pls suggest a nice name for it. So here we go

The story starts from the scene where uttara’s to be mil asks sanskar to leave swara and forget her forever
Uttaras mil:so if u ever get united with ur ex wife ur sister will be back to ur home.
Sankar: dnt wry it wont happen at all. I will never unite with my ex wife.
Uttaras mil:i have one more condition if u want ut sister to marry my son then u also have to marry my daughter so that bengalan never comes to the house again.
Sanky saw swara who came there and remembered how swara left her so he accepted the condition.

Sanskar: i am ready to marry ur daughter
Swaragini who heard it from the entrance as they came there to ask some queries were shocked.
After listening to sanskar swara was numb and she controlled her tears composed herself and left. Ragini followed her
Rags: swara wait i
Swara:(cutting her)ragini i hav some work so u go badi i will cum k
Swara: pls i will come just go pls

Rags leaves.
Swara was walking on the road and she went to the temple where swasan confessed their love she was remembering all their lovely moments how sanky proposed her,their cute n silly fights, and all and then remembered how they got separated how she blamed sanky for everything and how he said that he will never accept her. And cried her heart out. I knw sankar u r angry with me. But i m sry i am helpless. I was helpless on that day too. I never wanted to leave u but only due to that person i was forced to take that step. I wish i could tell u sanskar. I need u sanskar pls come to me. She cried aloud. Suddenly her thoughts were dosturbed by a ph call
Swara:now wat u want u destroyed everything

Swara: k i will be there in few minutes
Swara cuts the call and wipes her tears and goes.

Screen shifts to mm
Sanskars room
Sanky:i loved u swara! But u left me wen i needed u most. I wanted u to hig me and tell me that dnt wry everythibg wil be fine we wil find luksh but u blamed me for everything and left me. I m not a doll swara now i will punish u by moving on in my life yes i will marry again. You hav to suffer now u will get to knw my pain of getting separated from ur loved ones i hate u swara u have to suffer. U have to! He shouted and threw a frame of swasan in anger.

To be continued…

So frends tell me how was it pls comment. I hope u all will like it i will post next epi if i get enough comments next epi tmrw or on tuesday only if u all like it. Thankyou.

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