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A new beginning yet to start- episode 37 last episode

Hello everyone…
I know you must be shock listening that its my last epi….but what to do i didnt get enough time these days…
Soo lets start the episode…

Tw is lying on her bed……kunj words are echoing in her mind…..you also didnt resist means you also feels somethng for me….
Now its unbearable for tw …so she takes sleeping pill and dozes to sleep….

Tw wakes up from sleep due to sunrays….

Tw pov
today morning is a new beginning…. From all these days I know there is some connection btw me and kunj….but i just keep avoiding him but not ny longer as from yesterday incident it is crystal clear that he also feels for me….
So today i am going to confess my flngs…

She gets ready and heeds towards office….

She is about to enter in kunj office when she heard his name from a bunch of girls…..

She goes towards them
Girl1 – hope sir gets his wife love back
Girl2 – yeah…i also heard he is soon going to become a father…

Listening all this …tw world comes to an end…she cannot believe her ears….she thought that kunj betrayed her…
She runs from their….
On her way she collides with someone but without seeing his face she runs from there…

He was kunj only
Seeing her state he tries to run behind him but stop him…

She is using stairs but she loses her balance and fell from stairs

Kunj shouts twinkle…
He runs towards her…carries her take her to the hospital….

He was sitting in front of operation theathre restless.

Soon doc comes
Doc- mr sarna…no need to worry …you wife and child are safe….
You can go and meet them in ward…

Kunj runs to the ward….he goes and hugs tw….
Soon he realises somethng….
He gets up and turn…
K- i m srry to hug you…i am just your boss. .
T- yeah you are riet but you are also my husband….

Kunj cannot believe his ears and he turns towards tw
t- kunj i remember everthng…..sorry to give you trouble…..
K- Shh tw…dnt say anythng…
And he hugs her …she also responds
K- lets go to our home…
Tw nods ..
Kunj take tw to sarna mansion with all the rituals…..

Soon tw give birth to their daughter shanaya ….and they lived happily ever after…
A new beginning for them gets started with their daughter…

The end

I req those who read my ff and also silent reader to comment as its my last epi

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