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A never ending kiss (shivika OS) by Farin

Thank you soooooooo much for you guys lovely comments in the last story.Though I had written the former one long ago,I feel it should go with Shivika right now.Whatever,I have come up with another steamy shivika.Here is to say that it is not the continuing of the last one.Here to go…

“Shiv…shivvvvvv…where are you?”-Anika screamed shivay’s name as she badly needed to talk to him.She kept roaming aimlessly in the backyard area of the “Sunlight light” venue.There was a reunion party of their college friends.And obviously,anika and shivay being the best duo in the campus would make their presence in this kickass blasting party.
Right then,Anika was really being more frustrated on not finding shivay.She actually wanted to share her partner dance with him..But where on the earth he is right now?Everyone was calling their name,but shivay is just nowhere.After a long search of 20 minutes,finally he was found somewhere,lawn area..

Shivay had his back on Anika.She went towards him.Just when she kept her hand in his shoulder,she got the extreme shock.A kind of disgust was just shaking her up.

Anika just grabbed the girl’s hand standing hell close to him and pushed her to the exit door.Before Shivay could react Anika just placed a tight slap in his face.

“You kissed her…seriously?”-Anika’s allegations numbed shivay.He was so disappointed at her for thinking so sluggish about him.Yet,he managed to stay calm.

“Answer me,damn ittttttt!!”—Anika just shouted at her top giving him no chance to reply.

“How could you fall so low?Some seconds ago,you didn’t want to touch me.You wanted a marriage,right?Yeah marry me like idiot housewife and keep uncountable mistress to fulfill your lust,right??”—-shivay was frowing in anger hearing such low things from the girl he loves the most,wants to marry.He just had helped the girl as drinks had fallen in her dress and the washroom is far behind and thats why he was being a concealer for the girl.And what did Anika just make out of it?

“You said you would come over my house and ask my hand from my Mom-Dad.But Nooo…All was a lie,right?You just have given me dreams and now breaking it.”Anika was in tears while saying those.All that while,she actually said those things which she never wanted to say.Situation is forcing her into this.

“Are you out of your mind?”-Shivay finally could say something.”Trust me,Anika,If you say another word,I am seriously gonna kill you.”

“Then kill me,I am really fed up of you.”Anika cried out like a small baby.She was really in Pain feeling cheated.She never have loved anyone before him and thats why the term of being cheated on is so confounding to her.She was feeling like dying then.Why on earth had she has to see the scene?She wanted to stay blind in love.

“I hate you,shivay…Shivay,I hate you”–Anika said while hiting shivay’s shoulder continuously.Suddenly shivay held Anika’s both hand tightly stoping her from hiting him more.She looked at him with red wet eyes.It had so many question for him.Shivay had fallen for those eyes all over again and this time,he couldnt let those tears be wasted.He leaned towards her.Anika was feeling his profuse breathing and a gentle breeze was blowing in her body.She didn’t know was it of pleasure or anger.

Shivay tightened the grip on her hand more and placed those beside her taking from his shoulder.
This made her come more close to him.

She shouted,”Leave me,shivay…plzzzz”-This made shivay more lunatic towards her.Her ferdivity was prominent in her eyes.She was already being too powerless to handle.She was falling weak infront of him.She was giving up in him.He then just pushed her both hands to her body side making it vulnerable enough not to move.

“I said,just leave me…..damn it”-Again she frowned but as much as she shouted,her hands got more glued to her itself.She realized her hands were forcbly tight beside her with shivay’s uptight,yet gentle grip on them.She wanted to move,but couldnt.Feeling helpless,she again shouted,”Its hurting….”

She didnt know her words would cost her so much. As soon as she tried to speak further,shivay locked her lips with his one placing it on her preforcely.She had the least expectation of such a sudden action of him applied on her.He didnt give her any chance to kiss back as he was full on dominating.A warm blowing wave is just going inside her full body and mind making her feel thrilled.She could feel her lips under such a perfect sized warm,wet and steamy hole.Her lips coudlnt have find any better place to go inside.She was tingled in herself.

Anika felt really numb.The pressure was so wet that she coudnt afford to loose it.She wanted more torment,more tension on her lips.She wanted her hands to be free so that his head get more push towards her lips.She tried to free herself.But he just didnt let.She got more tangled in him that her body is now not her but him.

Anika wanted to shout in pain as he is so vigorously attacking her lips one by one giving only one seconds break in between.They were still in the lawn area.They heard a foot step behind.Here Anika thought the kiss may break now and she can free her hand which was surround in tangle of shivay so long.But her lips didnt want that.It wanted more of his dominancy.And how can shivay not fulfill her wish?

He didnt let Anika rest a bit.He just entangled her both legs with his left one only lifting her sideways and his one hand was busy still in holding her both hands tightly.He put his another hand in Anika’s back head so that she doesnt get any chance to free her lips.Anika was fully in his control.

Shivay walked all the way from the lawn to the next changing room while being on the kiss.She didn’t get any chance to move as her both legs and hands were so entangled that moving a bit could cost more thrilled roller in her lips.

Anika had been standing for long in the lawn so,he broke the long time of their passionate kiss.He gently left her hands and legs.She had become very weak in front of her powerful acts for 30 minutes.She stood there giving her back in the wall and just hanged there closing her eyes.Shivay went to her and lifted her softly to the bed and laid her there.

Shivay went outside.The same girl came there.

“I am really sorry for what happened.You both had a riff because of me.If you want i can just clear it all out.All was just that you helped me”

“Dont worry,man….its completely okay…we always have such quarrel and this is nothing but some mice fight…Got it???”-He assured her.

Giving her a side hug,he looked back and saw a unsorted Anika standing there.He smiled and she smiled back.All is sorted so easily.

He came to her,”Did you enjoy the ride,my love?”

“I wanted more”-she snapped shamelessly.

They just jumped over each other all over again But the difference from the former one was that this time,Anika is also at the race of eating each other.

The former one was of 30 minutes apart from small breaks in between.God knows till when would these one last?

However,it seemed they didnt want that time to go over.Never ever..


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