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“”A DREAM””(Few shots by Kakali) Part 5

Hello ev1.here is d 5th part.sorry for being late.i was little unwell.so.
thnks for response.
Let’s go inside d DREAM.

Here we go,

Third person’s(My Cuties’s)POV

Days are passing like this.now it’s been 3 months they all 4 joined d college..

Things have changed a bit..but not that much..like
Swara has become more naughty.annoys Sanskar a lot,(fav work)
but d surprising fact is,now he doesn’t get angry on her easily…its like his mind accepted to bear her naughtiness..

Swara has fallen for her Sanskar more than ever.. she just wants to be with her DREAM boy..so doesn’t leave a chance to irritate him..or u can say this is her trick to be with him..n somehow she is successful also.

At d same time SanNia’s closeness is also increasing.they treats each other like lovers.Many students thinks that thay r couple n this thought burnes Swara a lot..

In this days d most funny n memorable incident happened when LakMin’s relation declared officially..they r now in a pure relation,, reelation of . . . (let me describe it clearly)

It’s a matter of few days ago,,(A small flashback starts)::

Swamin are waiting for Lucky..both r so excited as well as worried too.

Swara-Simin r u sure na? I mean r u really wanna do it?(Simin cuts her)

Simin-Yeah!Swara m sure. I really wanna do it. I can’t wait anymore.

Swara- Waise u both will look cute n winked.

Simin blushed slightly..

Meantime Lucky comes there..

Lucky-Arrey u both r here!! BDW why u called me here Swara? Is anything important?

Swara-Haa!Lucky.. woo w..oo(hesitate)

Lucky-Bol na! Woo woo kya hai?

Swara-(taking a deep breath) Actually Simin wanna say something..

Lucky(monologue-Simin called me here, but why?What’s d matter?)

He stares her from head to toe..she was wearing Salwar Kameez as usual..but there was something else,,yeah!!her smile,she was smiling ear to ear, n there was also a small gift in her hand..
He was confused..

Monologue(Why is she smiling looking at me? N d gift? What’s that?)
He moved his gaze to Swara,who was smiling n giggling..(God knows what she was saying)

But suddenly something strikes his mind..
N he was like OMG!!! Is it true?

He again moved his gaze to Simin who is coming towards him taking slow steps..

“Lucky”–she called him with so much of love..

He felt 999 of butterflies in his stomach,, 100 of ants in his cheeks,, 440 of grasshoppers in his leg,, 198 of bees in his ears, 1000 of crickets in d whole body..(Mica *wink)

Lucky was in cloud nine..
Simin-Lucky plz close ur eyes, i want to say something .

Lucky-(showing all 32) Sure Simin.(excited)
Saying this he closed his eyes..

Here Swara was smiling sheepishly..n finding something in her cell phone..

Simin-(started to say)Lucky i wanted to say this from d very 1st day of college.. after seeing u i don’t know how this feeling occupied in my heart,, but i really like this feeling.. so today i wanna say That (she hold his right hand)

Lucky(monologue-Omgg!! Simin u r soo fast, u want to put ring in my finger rit?, m soo happy)

But his chains of thoughts broke when he heard a word “BHAI”, n realise Simin was tieing a RAKHI in his hand..

Swara played a song..


Lucky was dumbfounded..he had no idea what was happening with him!!he looked at Swara who is trying hard to suppress her laugh.

Simin continued- Lucky bhaii!! Let me do ur TILAAK..n have some sweet bhai. From today i m ur sister n u r my new bro.

But Lucky was not at all hearing anything,just d word BHAI,, which is echoing in his ear. he started to saw all d moon n stars,,

His eyes widened, felt dizzy n screamed “NOOoo THIS CAN’T HAPPEN” n faint at d spot..

Swara couldn’t take it anymore n brust out into laughter..she was laughing like there is no tomorrow.she hold her stomach n rolled down in floor..

Swara to Simin(still laughing)-Simin i told u, i told u he will faint after hearing ur hilarious proposal..see !! (Again laughed madly)

Simin gave her a death glare n try to wake Lucky up..

Simin-Bhai,, Lucky bahi!what happened? Get up, i need to feed u sweet..(sparkling water)Bhaiii !!(shaking his body)

Lucky slowly opens his eyes n smiled seeing her, but suddenly remember her proposed,, his eyes poped out n again faint..

This time Simin also couldn’t hold her laugh n brust out with Swara..hahaha (this incident actually happened with my besty,, but d boy was not faint,,huhuhu)

From that day, Lakmin is declared as BRO-SIS..d whole college laughed at Lucky’s condition..

POV ends..

Flashback ends..(back to present)

At college canteen::

SanNia is having meal..both r so engrossed in their conversation..

SwaLakMin also comes there..
Swara burnes in jealousy seeing them soo close..she greetes her teeth n murmur something under breath”huhh!! Rattle Snake kahi kii,anytime bas Sanskar ke saath,doesn’t she have any other friend?
yucckk!! How closely they r sitting,i hate her perfume smell, i just wanna burn her hair.huhh!!,, But Sanskar, he is also same. Why can’t he sit with me? Sirf Nia,Nia,Nia..huhhh hate u Nia””

But Swara is Swara, without irritating Sanskar, how can she eat anything?
She winks at Lakmin..
Both understand her plane .. n according to plane.Simin goes to Nia..

Simin- Hii, Nia!

Nia-Hey, Simin !u here..

Simin- Yeah Nia, i need some help, woo we didn’t attend yesterday Sharma Sir’s class na. So can u plz give me d notes,

Nia- Sure dear, why not.! Let’s go to locker room, notes r there.

Simin smiles winningly- hmm!!let’s move..

Nia(to Sanskar)-Bye Sanky,,(she calls him Sanky)
She was about to leave but says”Uffff! I forget to tell u, actually today m leaving home early..
Mom dad is coming back. Soo catch u tomorrow..bye”

Sanskar(in a sad tone)Hmm!!Bye.. say hii to uncle aunty..

Nia-yaaa!! Bye..

Simin winks at Swara..
Swara gives her a flying kiss..(*Simin catch it dear)

SwaLak both goes towards Sanskar.


Sanskar looks at her n looks around-Mee!!U called me Swara¿

Swara-Haa!! Sanskuu,u!

Sanskar-But who is Sanskuu¿(confuse)

Swara-haww!! U,,who else..i called u Sanskuu only.. but what happened? Didn’t u like d name?

Sanskar-huuh!! My name is Sanskar.not Sanskuu(said mockingly)

Swara- Soo what? from today i’ll call u Sanskauu..how sweet name..isn’t it?(says this she pulls his cheek)

Sanskar-Swara what’s this yaar? I love my name Sanskar..not Sanskuu Wansskuu..it’s like a girly name..huhh

Swara-Noo worry Sanskuu,,dhire dhire addat par jayegii..but u know what i love this name.(n i love u toooo-says under her breath)

Sanskar-Did u say something?

Swara-No noo..nothing.
Change d topic”Sanskuu!can u plzz help me with ur notes?”

Sanskar-but u could have gone with Simin naa, she is taking notes from Nia..u should go to locker room.may b both r there..

Swara(finds words to reply him)-Yoo!! I could have. But Simin is not well today,so she will go to home directly after taking d notes(*Jhutthi).soo.can u plzzz help me(with puppy face n pleading eyes)

Sanskar says yes fir help seeing her puppy face.(*there is no one who can deny her,,rit¿♡)

Swara’s eyes brightened with joy n wink at Lucky.

Lucky excuses himself saying he has some important work to do..

Soo there is only our smart Swara with her DREAM boy.she is soo happy..coz after soo many days she is going to spend time with her Prince Charming..

Sanskar-(hasiitately)soo let’s go to class!!


Finally Swara spends time with him n left for home..

After that day Swara always makes an excuse to be with Sanskar..
Always new ideas to no to let him spend time with Nia.
N Sanskar becomes more irritated with her actions.
n one fine day–

SanNia is talking about something very seriously.
Sanskar is very angry n Nia is shouting on him.(*i dunno d reason)

Swara comes to them.

Swara-Hii Sanskuu,,hii Nia..what’s up guyz?anything serious?
Bdw Sanskuuuu today u r looking too cutee.. which shope u used? She pulls his cheeks.anyway i came here to.(Sanskar cuts her)

He tightly holds her shoulder with red angerful eyes where Swara stood shockingly.

screen freezes.

Precap-Sanskar’s anger n apology.

Thnk u for reading.
keep smiling.

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