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“”A DREAM””(Few shots by Kakali) Part 2

Hello readers ,, thnk u soo much for reading n commenting,,special thnk to my silent reader also..
soo lets start d 2nd part..

Recap- Little introduction..

Soo here we goo —

Suddenly she hears a voice coming from back n turn around . . .
“Apni MAA ki beti hai tuu,,don’t know from where this dramebazz’s virus come to u,, Shomi was soo beautiful,, shy n reserved,,, but except beauty u don’t have any other quality like Shomi,,

Ohhhh !!! Maasi maa don’t say like that . M as same as my mom beauty with brain(ooppps sorry naughty brain)..

U know naa in school every girl was soo jealous of mee.. now a days there r lots of perfume with different smeels,, but whenever i went near them,, i could only smeel like something is burning..

Arrey not only girlz i think boyz r also jealous of me..(Nautanki),, *blush

Maasi maa- Heyy !! DUGGA maa !! What will happen to this girl… kitna drama karti hai ??

Waise Swara(yo yo she is our Swara) don’t u think u r getting late for ur 1st day of college… soo come fast n have breakfast …

Jhanki Bose- sister of late Sumi Bose/Gadodia.. Maasi maa of Swara, married to Ankush Bose.. she loves Swara as her own daughter…she has been looking after her since Shomi gave birth n left d world…

Sekhar Gadodia- Soo call father of Swara ! Never thinks her as his daughter.. coz according to him,,she is a curse n ate her mother… He totally disowned her n declared as bad Omen(huhh!!)

Soo officially Swara is living with her aunt n uncle Jhanki n Ankush Bose…

Swara took her BF n left for her college..

Now Swara is standing in front of a college, waiting for someone n crushing d person “Yee Lucky ka baccha kaha mar gaya? Kahi apne Bullet ke sath gatar watter mai para toh nahi hai, agar uski wajah se mai aaj let huyi ,, m surely gonna kick him !!

Suddenly she saw a boy coming towards her… seeing him ,her jaw touched d ground n mouth is like “O”…

But d boy smiled brightly..

Swara-Lucky where d hell have u been with this cycle?(yess his bullet is his cycle),, n look ur tyre is also flat.. huhh !!

Lucky-Don’t ask anything Shona… today my fate n tyre both r in strike… purre addhe rastee see ghasitte ghasitte laya huu isee..

Swara- ha hhaa!! What else i can expect from u.. u jerk ur cycle too..

Lucky-hmmmm sangat ka assar hai..(under breath)

Swara- Did u say something(with narrow eyes)

Lucky- noo nooo,, nothing.. now let’s goo..

Swara- Ommmggg(jumped in happiness) Lucky today our 1st day here… so ragging is also gonna happen… yeeppiiee !!!(maagi)
M soo happy…

Lucky- (jerked with her happiness) u r happy!! Haah!! Ragging ke liye itni excited ladki tuu hii ho dakti hai Shona..
But my full concentration will b on beautiful girls(flirt session start)..

Swara- Soo let’s goo..

Both are super excited n enter into college..they are going towards d main ground.. n heard a voise ..”Heyy u both !come here”

Swaky(Swara+Lucky)– weee..

Yes u both..

Swara- Lucky seems they r gonna rag us.. Lucky- hmmm Shona..

Senior- Hey !! We r ur seniors .. don’t u know how to give us respect..

Swara bent down n touch his foot..

He boy jerked..heyy!! What r u doing..

Swara- sir u said na to give respect..soo..

Senior-okk !! Okk.. now u have to do a task..

Swara- what sir?(with twinkling eyes)

Senior-(smirk) u havee too….. pull someone’s hair from ur surrounding..

Swara- Reaallyy? But d risk¿

Senior- Don’t worry nobody is gonna say u anything.. it’s my promise… but u have to do it..

Swara- okk sir..she looks all around a give a devil smile..

Lucky-(seeing her smile) Aaj toh mai gaya iske saath..

Suddenly he heard a scream..

Senior- ahhh !! Hey! Heyy !! U girl what r u doing?

Swara- sir m doing my task.. u said na i have pull someone’s hair .. soo m doing my job only (saying this she again pulled his hair but this time more tightly)

Senior-(monologue- yaar subah subah kisse panga lee liya)okk okk now stop .. ur task is complete ..

Swara- (loose her grip) sir !! I did i complete my task nicely..

Senior- (horrified by her actions)yee..ahh..yye..ahh..i hhhave somme workk..uu go..

Swara- Thnk u Sir.. but any task for my friend indicating to Lucky..

Senior- n.oo ..nooo u did naa soo it’s enough..

Swara- okkk !! Byee.. see u later ..

Senior- never in my life..(under breath)

Swaky brust out into laugher..
Lucky- yaar Shona what was that?(laughing holding his stomach)
Swara- Lucky it was soo funn..

They heard another laughing voice too.. both turned n see a beautiful girl in Salwar kamiz laughing like anything..Lucky was mesmerized to see her.. (pagal)

Swara-Hii !! M Swara Bose.a new comer..n u ?

Girl- Hello !! M Simin(*wink).. m also a new comer.

Lucky- hiii!! M Laksh Singh.. pyar se loog mujhe Lucky kehte hai.. u can also call me Lucky(without blinking eyes)

Simin- nice too meet u Lakk.. i mean Lucky..

Swakymin- can we b friends?(together)
YESS!!! (Trio brust out into laugher)

After class in canteen::
Trio become friends is talking soo freely with each other.. but Lukmin(Lucky n Simin) is noticing dat Swara is looking here n there like searching for someone..

Simin- Swara, kise dhund rahi hoo¿

Swara- woo…wooo

Lucky- Rehne dee tu, i will tell her.. woo Simin she is searching for her prince charming.

Simin-Whattt?(in excitement)

Swara blushed..

Lucky- ha haa !! That prince charming who doesn’t even talk with her properly…doesn’t give a famn to her.. huhhh !!

Simin- whatt ?(shock)

Swara- Simin nothing like that..don’t hear his nonsense…actually me, Lucky n wooo(ufff) we trio studied in a same school.. i have a crush on him since 10th…n with time i realized it’s just not a crush but something else n…(Laksh interrupted)

Lucky- U LOVE him huhhh !!!(mockingly)

Simin- woooww!! Swara this is such a great news..

Lucky-great news my foot..!. she loves him .. but that idiot sidhe muh bat tak nahi karta isssee..doesn’t even like her.. soo much of attitude..huhhh!!

Swara- So what ,, I didn’t expext him to love me back.. it’s me who love him,,.

U know what Simin i love to tease him,irritate him, he gets so angry on me..but though i love to do it.. huhuu…

Simin-U r sooo funny Swara.. !!

Lucky- Huhh !!! Look who is here.. taking d devil’s name n devil is here..i just hate him..

Swara- Wheree ¿ where ?

Lucky- Tere piche..

Swara turns around n see a boy with a bright smile..(i don’t think i need to describe him, ev1 knows him soo well)


Simin- ohhh hoo !!His name is Sanskar..nice name..waaa!! handsome too..

Lucky burns in jealousy hearing handsome word from her..

Lucky- huhhh !! Ussne mujhe toh compliment nahi diyaa ..

Swara-(in excitement)Hiii !! Sanskar..

Sanskar-(monologue-not again)huffff!! Hi ! Swara

Swara-(smiling) Heyy !! come join us..

Sanskar-(not interest)No , u enjoy m comfortable here..

Swara-Arrey..come naa!! come

Sanskar(huhhh!! kaha phas gaya,,) No Swara i have some work… catch u later..

Swara- suree!!(Sad)

Lucky- See Simin i told u .. look d way he talkes with her..do u think anything can happen between themm. naah i don’t think soo…

Simin-(sad too) Hmm..Lucky u r rit. but we don’t know naa when where n with whom we fall in love.. it’s just a game of time.

to Swara “Swara don’t loose hope,,m sure everything will be okk”..

Swara-(bright smile) awww!! Simin thank u soo much… u understand me soo well..
to Lucky”Hippo kuch sikh issse,, anytime bass bakwass!! only negativity”

Lucky-okk meri dono maa. u both r correct .. anyway toh let’s go.. it’s time for our next class…

Swamin-Okkkk !!

Sanskar’s POV::
“”Huffff!!! bass gaya beta.. warna toh aaj teri khair nahi.but what is she doing here in this collage..ahh college hai ,comes to study only..but why here.?
after soo many trial i get rid of her. now i have to bear her again..i don’t like her. soo childish n dramebzz.most importantly soo annoying..i donno why she loves to tease me..but she iss cutee too..her eyes r as deep as pond(lol).like they want to say lots of things.ahhhh what r u thinking ? ohhh God.she is gonna make me crazy..!!””

POV ends..

To be continued..

Thnk u guys for reading.. do let me know how was it through ur comments.
keep smiling.

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