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A day to remember chapter 23

Chapter 23

Sanskar’s pov
“Choti you are very beautiful.” I said while I hugged Fizoo. Then the girls took my beautiful wife with them to mom and dad’s room.

Ragini’s pov
My sister-in-laws took me and Swara to a room, where my both mother-in-laws were waiting for us with some presents. “Ragini, please come to me, I want to give you our khandani haar(our family set) which I was given, when I got married to your father-in-law.” Sanskar’s mom said.

Ragini’s presents from the Meheswari’s



“We have something for you too Ragini bhabhi.” My SanLak’s sisters said.


“It’s a tradition in our family that the bride gets present from the elders, sister-in-law/brother-in-law and from the groom.” Badimom said. “Swara, now it’s your turn, you will get something from Laksh, after you guys are married.” Mom said, while Swara nodded.

Swara’s jewellery


Present from the masked angels to Swara

We took blessings from our mother-in-laws and went.

Meanwhile SanLak prepared for the surprise for Ragini, for their suhagraat???

The room was decorated perfectly for it, their sisters took Ragini to RagSan’s room, which was ready for the newly married couple, Ragini was very shy and blushing, while she was imagining somethink.

Ragini’s imagination or reality
“Ragini, you are very beautiful, I have something for you.” My prince said to me. “What is it?” “You will love it, my jaan!” After he said he gave me something, that was very beautiful.

The present

“Wow, it’s stunning.” A surprised me said. “Not so stunningly beautiful as you.” I was blushing so much, that he kissed me before I could say anything, it was very passionate, it turned out to be more than a kiss. Soon we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

The next morning

Ragini’s pov
I woke up an saw that I wasn’t wearing any clothes, I slowely went to the bathroom and fresened up and dressed myself in that dress which I got from the elders as blessings, I went to wake up Sanskar, but he didn’t wake up so I kissed him. “Yay, I got a kiss from my angel.” My husband said what is happily. “Sanskar, leave me I have to go.” He let me go and I went to kitchen to prepare the breakfast, after a while crazy came and said. “Oho, Bhabhi what is this on your neck.” She asked me naughtily and blushed, cause I remembered last night. “Nothing.” “I know bhai gave you an hickey.”??. “How do know about that.” I asked her, while our naughty crazy was blushing☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️. Then she ran out of the kitchen and the rest came. “We will tell you why crazy ran out like this, cause she was remembering, hero.” “Who’s her hero.” SwaRagini and SanLak asked. “My husband’s brother.” “What you are married Malika.” They asked, while they were shocked. “Yeah, I’m married to him, since childhood.” “The guy, who stole crazy’s heart is nonother than AK akka Armaan Khurana, her loverboy.” “Their lovestory started from collage and ended, when all of them left us and broke our hearts.” “We promised eachother to find all of them to know the reason, why they left us!” “We will help you guys.” We said.

Crazy’s pov
“Why can’t I forget him, he left me.” “I still love him, he has my heart, which he stole since I met him for the first time.” “I love you AK, I hate you and I miss you.”

AK’s pov
“I know Crazy, I left you, but I will never forget you, cause I love you and you are my life.” “Someday I will meet you again, then I will confess my feelings for you my sweetheart.”

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